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Include the Initiative ID field as a column in the Initiative Reports Table

Some customers would like to be able to manually manipulate Initiative data outside of Aha! and then be able to import in the updated values. This is feasible in theory as you can export the desired Initiative fields to a csv file from the Reports...
Matt Case over 7 years ago in Reports 1 Shipped

Add a filter option to 'Search Requirement'

The same requirement can be related to a different portfolio. In certain cases, the executive team and cross functional teams will need to understand the overall status, plan, ect. of that major requirement. There is already a column for requireme...
Guest almost 8 years ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Would like the ability to create custom calculation fields in pivot view.

It would be nice if when we create custom value fields that we could take those multiple fields and create another field in pivot view to do a calculation between those other custom value fields.
Guest almost 9 years ago in Reports 5 Shipped

Adjust sprint dates on burndown chart

Sometimes I forget to click the "start sprint" button after sprint planning. I'll notice a few days later and start it then. The burndown chart starts from when I clicked "start sprint", not from the scheduled sprint dates. I would like the burndo...
Jeff Tucker about 2 years ago in Reports / Sprints 0 Shipped

Additional Filter on Dashboards - Release Name

The new filter on dashboards enabling you to select Workspace is AMAZING... however it would be equally amazing to have the Release name filter as we have release specific dashboards.
Julie Edwards over 3 years ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Adding Data Points & Axis Flexibility to Charts

It would be helpful to add the actual data points on the charts. Especially if you are using the charts to make presentations to management. In Addition, the charts need more axis capability to make changes for displaying the data accurately.
Belinda McMorran almost 4 years ago in Reports 1 Shipped

Capacity for teams: Ability to log time against team-based estimates

Capacity for teams is a great way to create a high level plan so that we can determine whether or not the roadmap is possible. We would like to extend it so that we can report on progress. How is it going? Are we on track?
Nathaniel Collum about 4 years ago in Capacity planning / Epic / Features / Reports 0 Shipped

Be able to filter on "Feature last active on"

In the reports section, I can filter by "Feature Created on" and select a date range, But I can't filter on "Feature Last active" to get any features which have changed. In general, the goal is, as a manager, I want to get a quick summary of wh...
Guest over 8 years ago in Reports 1 Shipped

Time Tracking History report

For each feature, I can access the Time Tracking History showing time logged by resources against the feature / requirement. Is there a view in Aha that allows me to see all the time logged by each resource across a release and across the overall ...
Ian Carson almost 9 years ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Pivot table: Add master release column type

Would be nice to be able to report on master release date. Name, dates, etc
Danny Archer almost 9 years ago in Reports 0 Shipped