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Ability to add a templated format for user stories

I would like to add a template for the description field (and a text field in general) in order to promote a standard approach to story structure. e.g. AS A.... I WANT... SO THAT. GIVEN...WHEN...THEN
Becca C 5 months ago in Features 0 Already exists

Need wrap long field names

Long field names are wrapped only once i.e., two lines only resulting in the full name of such fields do not show up unless the feature entry is shown in 'Details' view instead side bar view. Attached is a screen capture of the same feature entry ...
Geoffrey Kim 5 months ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Synchronize Ranking from new Prioritization view to other Aha! areas

I’m just playing around with the new prioritization list for Features and Epics ( ) and I wondered: if the rank changes in that list due to ...
Stephanie Redl 5 months ago in Features 7 Likely to implement

Ability to view related idea on the Features Dashboard Card

When reviewing our Features to input into a sprint, it would be great to be able to also see the related idea like we can see the related epic. Quick view could show the number of votes and rating. Also, if we could make it a different color than ...
Guest 5 months ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Feature Prioritization: Send global rank to Jira

I would like to be able to send the new global rank to Jira.
Simone Bilton 5 months ago in Features 2 Likely to implement

Scorecard automated metric should allow you to select other scorecard fields

We have implemented two separate scorecards for feature cost and feature impact. This gives us more flexibility in reporting/filtering based on what-ifs. We would like to combine those two scores in an an overall feature score to use for prioritiz...
Rich Baldry 5 months ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Better manage dropdowns in related to

Trying to link a feature to a release phase and that dropdown seems to have completely random ordering, and it doesn't allow for searching the list against the release name (only the feature phase)
Guest 5 months ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Auto Re-order Features Workflow (Kanban) Board

Currently, you can free sort the features on the Workflow board. However, we have A LOT of features and it would be much more effective if we could sort by a field (for example, by a custom numeric field or product value).
Guest 5 months ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Features board > Improve visibility of active filters and provide a way to clear all

I have a lot of filters on the features board, and I spend more time than I'd care to admit staring at them trying to figure out which ones are 'in use' and actively filtering cards on the board. It'd be really helpful to visually indicate which f...
Todd Meyer 5 months ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Integrate “AHA Idea link” within Feature

My idea is to integrate “AHA Idea link” within feature as soon as AHA idea push to Rally as a Feature We have separate URL for AHA idea therefore to check all critical information like Idea submitter, Business Owner, Comments, Business Justificati...
Jitendra S 5 months ago in Features 1 Future consideration