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Allow Custom Issue Type Integration

For complex processes, the mapping of initiatives to epics and features to stories can become problematic. The usage of Jira to drive development is hindered by the variable of interference via integration. Some cases may include: The desire to...
Guest over 6 years ago in Features 4 Already exists

highlight incorrect words which aren't picked up by autocorrect

it is very useful as users don't always check when typing and it takes time to spot mistakes which aren't auto corrected. All users would benefit.
Guest over 6 years ago in Features 0 Already exists

I would like the ability to consolidate support metrics within Aha, in order to obtain a holistic view of my product

Product managers can clearly communicate to the organizations the success/opportunities of a product launch. Furthermore, they can identify areas of opportunity for improvement with the product and incorporate into their roadmap.
Guest over 6 years ago in Features 1 Already exists

Prevent modifying feature fields by roles/permissions

I'd like to be able to assign people tasks but prevent them from modifying the name, description, etc. of that task. We define requirements, and anyone is able to modify the description of a task (or the requirements). Sometimes that's necessary...
Guest almost 7 years ago in Features 0 Unlikely to implement

Feature deselected when modifying in Board view

When you are on the Features page > Board view, you can select a Feature from the long list of features and see the details on the right. When you then change anything on the detail view which affects the 'widget' of the boardview, it reloads t...
Marvin van Dongen almost 7 years ago in Features 0 Already exists

Feature Roadmap - Allow JIRA #/JIRA Link

On the feature roadmap view when I choose to display a feature within a given release, I'd like the ability to also display the JIRA link/JIRA #. Similar to how i'm able to configure if the initiative icon is displayed. That way my technical audie...
Michael Morrison almost 7 years ago in Features 0 Unlikely to implement

Logging time for another Resource in Aha

Currently an Aha User can only log their own time on a Feature Card. As a Project Manager / Admin it would be useful to be able to log time on behalf of another User on the project. All that need be done is add a 'Logged By' Field to the 'Log Ti...
Steve Clark almost 7 years ago in Features 0 Unlikely to implement

As a user I want to have a link to the original epic/feature when I create a copy so I can get back to it

A common workflow for me is to create a copy of an epic from a product partner's project into my own project (i.e. they're developing a hardware feature and there's a need to reflect that feature in my software product). Right now, the copy and mo...
Guest almost 7 years ago in Features 0 Unlikely to implement

Add ability to choose which release to add a feature to when promoting from a requirement

We had several requirements that each needed to be promoted to features. When I promoted, Aha! automatically added the new feature to the release that the requirement had been in. However, I wanted to add it to another release. It would have be ni...
Molly Jane Quinn almost 7 years ago in Features 0 Future consideration

copy/pasting linked text shouldn't break the hyperlink

I create hyperlinks to documents in my feature descriptions often, and sometimes I need to copy and paste those into a different location in the description, or into a different feature. When I do this, only the text is pasted, and they hyperlink ...
Guest almost 7 years ago in Features 2 Already exists