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My ideas: Features

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Customizable cards on features board

Being able to quickly identify cards is really important, especially as the feature list gets really long. Being able to add: - Custom fields - Customized display (I can't keep track of the initiative colors -- would be much easier to choose an ic...
Guest over 9 years ago in Features 12 Shipped

Show open feature on feature board

When a feature is open in the drawer on the feature, highlight the feature on the board so it is clear which feature is opened. This would help keep your place when working down through a list of features.
Chris Waters over 9 years ago in Features 0 Shipped

Associate a bug with a specific feature without having to associate from the feature

A bug is very often created in association with a particular feature, as it's going through testing. It would be great if you could associate a bug with a particular feature at the point in creation, rather than having to then go and find the feat...
Guest over 9 years ago in Features 0 Shipped

I would like more math options in scorecard calculations

I would like to add the ability to create scorecards with different weighting calculations. For example; (1.0 × Value to us * 1.0 × Importance to our market * 1.0 × Dissatisfaction with c… )/ 1.0 × Effort to deliver So, +,-,*,/ operators and paren...
Aldon C over 9 years ago in Features 2 Shipped

Referencing a Feature ID should Automatically Create a link

When a feature id is referenced in another feature, the text should automatically be a hyperlink to the feature. While I day not, sure it's cool as the "I need it". It really would be a gigantic timesaver.
Guest over 9 years ago in Features 0 Shipped

Ability to use custom fields in Bulk Edit

Bulk updates are a great functionality. Would be even greater if we could update additional fields, like custom fields. I our case, we decided to move from using certain tags to a predefined choice list allowing us for better data quality, and fil...
Guest over 9 years ago in Features 0 Shipped

Active feature dependencies

If we have one feature dependent on another (as is commonly the case that we need some platform feature in order to build an application feature) we need some way to ensure that when one of those is moved in the roadmap that we know that there are...
Guest over 9 years ago in Features 2 Shipped

Visibility to feature dependencies

You give us the ability to set up dependencies between features, which is great. But it isn't clear how useful these really are, though. Can we easily see those dependencies without opening each feature and looking a the dependencies?
Guest over 9 years ago in Features 4 Shipped
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Ability to edit font type and size

Would like to be able to increase or decrease size of font without having to use the Paragraph to choose headers. Use cases: When presenting to an audience on a projector, the font is too small on the Features Detail screen. Zooming in via the bro...
Guest over 9 years ago in Features / Presentations / Reports 26 Shipped