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Access Strategy Models within Populated Fields

Our teams would like to start using specific Model Templates to organize their Epics/Strategic work as the structure is more visual for strategic planning of business cases. However, you cannot connect this record type to other records nor can you...
Guest almost 5 years ago in Strategy 0 Future consideration

Allow Aha! Fields in Strategy Templates

We are building out Models & Positioning Templates for our Teams to use that will reference the different Competitor & Persona Profiles but with no way to actually link the records. Templates only allow you to add blank component section...
Guest almost 5 years ago in Strategy 0 Future consideration

Allow more flexibility when creating custom strategic models

As a Product Strategist that would like to create a custom strategy map I would like the flexibility to resize and locate the various components added to the map instead of having them snap to a specific size and location on the mamp.
Robert B almost 5 years ago in Strategy 1 Future consideration

Make it easier to create and Link Initiatives to Goals

When I am creating my initiatives that will relate to my goals, I find myself having two tabs open with the initiative and goal view, as it easier to see all the information about the goals, and finding my goals in the search field can be frustrat...
Andrew Brooks almost 5 years ago in Strategy 2 Future consideration

Add tags to Initiatives

Would like to be able to add Tags to Initiatives (in addition to the existing capability of adding tags to Features, Master Features etc.) We use tags to track Change Control and need to be able to do this at the Initiative level as well.
Julie Edwards almost 5 years ago in Strategy 4 Unlikely to implement

Add positioning and models as Aha Record Relationships for custom fields

I am being asked by our leadership team to show a relationship between our models/positioning diagrams and our strategic initiatives. I thought this would be easily done by creating a custom field at the initiative level, but I have discovered tha...
Jason Day almost 5 years ago in Strategy 6 Future consideration

Set Goals/Initiatives to Default to Detail view

The default view for Goals and Initiatives is the quadrant / scoring view; it would be nice to be able to default (at either the Account or User level) to the Detail view which is far more useful.
Guest almost 5 years ago in Strategy 0 Unlikely to implement

Add Author & Revision Fields to Strategy Models

Once a Strategy Model (such as a Business Model Canvas) has been created in Aha!, it is associated with a product line, but that's all the context that can be retrieved when viewing and reporting out of Aha! Adding object history (https://big.ide...
Andy Baehrle almost 5 years ago in Strategy 0 Future consideration

Competitor Scorecards: Matrices

Currently Scorecards only allow for straightline formulas, however our teams are scoping two different industry standard Competitor Matrix Formulas. The Pure Method & Kano Model (links below). We'd like to be able to leverage the Aha Score for...
Guest almost 5 years ago in Strategy 0 Future consideration

Admin Default: Initiatives View by Status

As an admin, I'd like to pre-set the View by Status visualization of Initiatives for all Products, so teams do not need to hide complete or unapproved Initiatives every time, but only see a WIP view at first glance. They will have the ability to...
Guest almost 5 years ago in Strategy 0 Future consideration