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Allow non-admin product owners to select the custom layout when creating a new workspace

This appears to be the current process - can this be made leaner? Non-admins create new workspaces Admin identifies workspaces which don't have the correct custom layout Admin manually adds the correct custom layout (I didn't find a way to bulk ed...
Mary Carrigan over 3 years ago in Product 0 Future consideration

I would like the ability to add support contact information for our 'internal support team' into the "? > Support and Resources" Main Menu

We would like to add the ability for our users to get to our Aha Internal Support team without leaving Aha.
Mike Jacobson almost 4 years ago in Product 0 Future consideration

Limit previous months visibility on Capacity Planning - Set Advanced Estimate Screen by time

I would like to limit the number of visible months in the Capacity Planning Detail view for any of my initiatives. See source issue:
Mike Jacobson almost 4 years ago in Product 0 Future consideration

Import capacity planning advanced estimates

For large product teams there will be multiple initiatives and associated estimates. It would be beneficial to be able to import estimates when an annual planning process is underway, to reduce manual workload and assist in assuring quality.
Chris Brooks almost 4 years ago in Capacity planning / Product 4 Future consideration

Sync Record Fields - Idea / Feature / Epic

Our organization recently did an overhaul and added dozens of custom fields to ideas, features, and epics. The vast majority of our records were created before the overhaul, which means most of the fields are blank. We use the Idea Portal to updat...
Noah Megregian almost 4 years ago in Product 0 Future consideration

Be able to create a new note as a child of a current parent

When creating a note, I often intend it to be a child of another note. Today I must drag it under the parent after creating it. Please make it easy to decide whether a new note should be a child of an existing note. (There is no category for Notes...
Brian Trombley almost 4 years ago in Product 0 Future consideration

Make goal selection configurable on line level or company level.

I would like to select objective from different line for an initiative or a featurel
Kote Khutsishvili almost 4 years ago in Product 0 Future consideration

Make goals available across product lines

Initiatives can currently be created in one product line and be used across many different products and product lines. Goals cannot even though they are a natural extension of this concept. In my use case I have initiatives and goals that are fulf...
Dave Tucker about 4 years ago in Product 3 Future consideration

Watch changes in a workspace, but Releases OR Features only, not everything.

Currently I can watch at a workspace level, but it is overwhelming with the number of features being added. I would like to only be notified for changes happening on release timeline (phases and milestones). I don't really care about new or modifi...
Guest about 4 years ago in Product 1 Future consideration

Workspace Type Field for Reporting and Ability to Convert Workspace Types

We are currently using only Product workspace types at my company. In updating our configurations, I noticed that our Product Owners have created IT and Project workspace types which is outside of the standard we have set. I attempted to create a ...
Cindy Datlof over 4 years ago in Product 0 Future consideration