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Bring back the ability view the My Work page for other users

Up until the update today (9/27/2023), we were able to view the My Work page for other users. This was very handy for us to go see what another user might have on their plate. I'm not really understanding why functionality was removed.
Stephen McAdams 9 months ago in My work 0 Future consideration

My Work > Releases > Status Details

A couple of things I would like to see changed about this view: Sort statuses according the defined workflows instead of alphabetically. (Yes, I understand that it's a mix of work item types, such as master features, features, and requirements ...
Tom Beck over 5 years ago in My work 0 Future consideration

Aggregate status bars on My Work page

My Work is starting to feel like a place for a dashboard not only for my own work, but for the teams' work. This could really be a landing page for all levels of reporting if there was a high-level aggregate of the statuses for each project/initi...
Max Cascone over 7 years ago in My work 0 Future consideration

Features by Person List on Home-My Work Screen too granular

Currently the page referenced above provides a very useful summary with these headings: Assigned to me Created by me All features (by assignee) All features (by status) The problem with this it only allows me to view one "release" at at t...
Cy Caine over 8 years ago in My work 1 Future consideration