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Embed list views on my work page

Who would benefit? all users What impact would it make? give users visibility into reports/list views they have created directly on their my work dashboard How should it work? Allow users the ability to select reports, roadmaps, or list views to s...
Kyle Kinder 2 months ago in My work 0 Future consideration

@mentions list from comments that would show under "My work"

I start my day by going to the My Work tab where I see the features and To dos. While I can receive a notification via email of the mention, it would be much easier for me to track conversations that I have been mentioned in if they would show up ...
Guest over 6 years ago in My work 1 Future consideration

Weekly, monthly report

Who would benefit? PM leadership, cross functional, executives What impact would it make? Save time in synthetizing and updating progress How should it work? A template with convections to the back end where number of epics, i.e. number of feature...
Guest 3 months ago in My work 0 Future consideration

Add Workspace/Feature Name to Approval Emails

Who would benefit? Anyone who is in an approver group What impact would it make? Reduce email clutter; easier identification of action items How should it work? Include information about what feature the approval is for in the subject of the email...
Guest 4 months ago in My work 0 Future consideration

Customize My Work view

My Work view is great, except when you have To Dos across mulitple projects that are the same. I can only see a list of To Dos with the due date, but it would be so much more helpful to see what Schedule those are tied to. I have to drill into eac...
Joanna Boehme about 1 year ago in My work 0 Future consideration

New My work homepage is missing work request to-dos

The new My work page does not show work request to-dos. This is a problem because I use those all the time and want to see them here. If approval to-dos are also missing, they should be shown as well. The original My Work page "/user_dashboard/all...
Todd Meyer 5 months ago in My work / To-dos 0 Future consideration

Bring back the ability view the My Work page for other users

Up until the update today (9/27/2023), we were able to view the My Work page for other users. This was very handy for us to go see what another user might have on their plate. I'm not really understanding why functionality was removed.
Stephen McAdams 5 months ago in My work 0 Future consideration

Ability to edit the "My Work" area

There has been a new update that allows users to create Features and/or Epics from the My work area. If Epics are not enabled for our account, users should not have the ability to create an Epic in this area (and they currently can). If we could u...
Megan Sanders about 3 years ago in My work 0 Future consideration

Enable Dashboard Filtering by Assigned User

I am looking to create Tactical Dashboards for users - where they can have panels that represent their work queues for assigned To-Do's, Features, Releases, Initiatives. etc. I want to be able to filter to the user and have all panels update to th...
Jamie Lefkovics about 2 years ago in My work 2 Future consideration

Add a weekly calendar view in My Work

Show a calendar view of the week/month in My Work so that a user can see what they have worked on in the last week/month and if there are gaps regarding time tracking.
Guest over 1 year ago in My work 0 Future consideration