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Steps within user story maps can't be utilized in a pivot table

What is the challenge? unable to include user steps from a story map to help provide a comprehensive view of a release with a pivot table What is the impact? requires multiple pivot table views to tell complete story Describe your idea allow user ...
Robert B 9 days ago in User story map 0 Future consideration

User story maps should respect custom card layouts for Epics/Features

What is the challenge? Not enough information is displayed in cards in story maps requriing constant clicking through to details What is the impact? Difficult to use story maps interactively with users Describe your idea Use card layouts for epics...
Robert B 9 days ago in User story map 0 Future consideration

Cross-workspace user story maps

What is the challenge? Most of our user journeys go across multiple products. When we story map these journeys, and create features off them, we want to be able to add features across multiple workspaces in AHA. What is the impact? Can only story ...
Guest 9 days ago in User story map 0 Future consideration

Features board view by initiative

What is the challenge? Want to be able to: View all features in a space, grouped by initiative Add new features in the same view What is the impact? No easy way of understanding how all my features fit into wider context. Describe your idea
Guest 9 days ago in Features 0 Future consideration

Improve performance of custom layout

What is the challenge? In some cases, it can take up to 60 seconds for custom layouts to load. Any time I need to make a change to a layout, it takes forever just to load the page. What is the impact? The long loading times hurt productivity. Desc...
Nathaniel Collum 25 days ago in Account settings 0 Planning to implement

Reorder filters in reports

What is the challenge? There is often an order of filters for a report that is logical, but that order can't be changed today. Oddly, you can even drag a filter in the Add Filters window but it can't be dropped anywhere What is the impact? Harder ...
Matt Kalan 25 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Embed videos via code from YouTube/Vimeo in a KB

What is the challenge? Cannot currently embed videos via code from video hosting platforms. Would be nice to embed galleries from Vimeo in particular What is the impact? Pages with many uploaded videos can be slow to load in Aha! page, might speed...
Jeremy Bruno 2 months ago in Notes 0 Future consideration
113 VOTE

Ability to prioritize features within an epic

Instead of listing features within the same epic in alphabetical order, it would be helpful to be able to rank features within epics, not only releases.
Amanda Chan over 2 years ago in Epic 6 Future consideration
422 VOTE

Add Capacity Planning to Roll-up Release

Ability to define capacity at a roll-up release level to allow capacity planning for teams working across products within a release cycle.
Danny Archer over 9 years ago in Capacity planning 4 Future consideration

Add a TO-DOS icon on the card layout

What is the challenge? User has to go into the card details to check if there are any TO-DOS. What is the impact? Adding an icon on the card layout that will display the number of TO-DOS for that feature will have a time saving impact. Describe yo...
Guest about 2 months ago in To-dos 0 Future consideration