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Be able to rerank features on features board by prioritization rank

Currently I can set a rank for a feature from the features prioritization page and add this as a custom numbers field on the feature. However, I cannot re-order features on the features board and affect their feature rank on the features board. If...
Max Robbins 6 days ago in Features 0 Likely to implement

Combine tags with AND in filters

Combinations of simple tags are useful to categorise a feature (rather than single tags with complex meaning). It's more elegant and flexible. For example: 'settings', 'mobile' and 'web', rather than 'web settings', 'mobile settings', other kinds ...
Chris Taylor 6 days ago in Search 0 Future consideration

Provide the ability to choose where custom tables are displayed in the navigation

The navigation change implemented on 03/13/23 resulted in users having to access custom tables via the workspace settings. It would be great if we had the ability to move this back to the previous location of the Notebook tab (previously 'info').
Niall Gallagher 6 days ago in Account settings 1

Comment on content published as a web page

I regularly share content with colleagues and others who do not have Aha access. I do this using web pages. However, comments on that content must currently be shared in person, or by email or chat. The ability to add an open comment area on a sha...
Chris Taylor 6 days ago in Comments / Notifications 0

Bulk action to restrict sharing on notes and whiteboards for a specific user

Currently, notes and whiteboards are shared individually with stakeholders outside the Aha! system, but also then have to be restricted individually if a person should no longer have access. Please add functionality that would allow administrators...
Kalyndra Craven 6 days ago in Whiteboards 0

Make linked idea more prominent in the epic/initiative record

To make the content of ideas that are the origin or epics/initiatives more accessible and transparent, it would benefit us to display the idea that is linked more prominiently, the way the promoted issues are displayed in ideas. Right now the idea...
Nerissa Muijs 6 days ago in Ideas 0

Creating reporting out of history tab

As a manager, I want to track and report when changes are made to an initiative within a particular timeframe. Ex. report when my custom field target quarter changes from 1Q23 to 3Q23. Bonus would be to add a timeline parameter.
Guest 7 days ago in Reports 0

Prioritized Backlog Game Show Board

In the Prioritized Backlog and all the views that the Prioritized Backlog appears, I am forced to work in a single column list view. This obviously works but its getting more burdensome as my card count increases. Once we have like over 20 to 50 i...
Todd Materazzi 7 days ago in Application 0

REST API: Ability to only list idea votes and comments updated since a given date

Currently, when listing Idea Votes and Idea Comments for a given Idea through the REST API, all records are returned. It would benefit consumers of the REST API to be able to specify an updated_since query string parameter so that only record upda...
Uri Goldstein 7 days ago in API 0

Roadmap should display without problems in Idea Portal

Currently the Roadmap within an Ideas Portal behaves buggy, sometimes when the page is loaded the height of the roadmap is reduced so that it is not displayed correctly.
Guest 7 days ago in Roadmaps 0