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Hide workspace filter on Features Board

On the Features Board, you can add a Workspace filter. However, since only records from a single workspace can be displayed, this is not helpful. It would be a better user experience to hide the workspaces filters.
Emily Yankush 1 day ago in Features 0

Ability to mention users in Idea portal comments

Adding user names in the comments in Idea portal helps in great engagement with users.
Raghuraman Rajendran 1 day ago in Ideas portal 0

To export a list of companies covered by a couple of sources from the search result

My goal is to get the full list of companies covered by the following sources. sc=AMSEF or sc=ATSXF or sc=BBVVF or sc=BBGF or sc=BBDQF or sc=PKFEN or sc=PKFAR or sc=BDTF or sc=BSEF or sc=BGSEF or sc=CSEF or sc=CNBV or sc=CNV or sc=CMF or sc=CVM ...
Guest 2 days ago in Notes 0

Requirements Board

For teams that work using an Epics -> Features -> User Stories work item hierarchy where the primary backlog items are user stories or PBIs, it would be useful to have a "Requirements" view on what has traditionally been labeled the "Feature...
I R 2 days ago in Application 0

Support Cost as an Estimate for Capacity Planning

Our business strategy team receives cost estimates instead of story points and time. Since story points and hourly pay rate can vary across different teams working on the same features, being able to see how cost estimates roll up from features to...
Lan Nguyen 2 days ago in Capacity planning 0

New option for scoreboard formula

In some cases the scoring is not linear, but also does not fall in to the low values of "powers of 2" and "Fibonacci sequence". An example can be: Company policy is to prefer developments related to region A. Idea related to region A = 1 Idea rela...
Qua3926 3 days ago in Features 0

Ability to link existing items in a whiteboard

As well as create items from sticky notes and shapes on a whiteboard. It would be good to bring in existing items and collaborate on them
Geoff Bullen 4 days ago in Whiteboards 0

Data Counts are not visible

Hi Hari, It isn't currently possible to configure the data labels further - they are either visible or not. The reason the data count isn't displaying on your stack elements is because there isn't enough room for it to fit. This is due to the unal...
Guest 6 days ago in Reports 1

Rejected approvals should be visible with a different icon instead of thumbs up

Hi, when reviewing the approval cards. Users easily mistake an approval for a rejection
Guest 6 days ago in To-dos 0

Hide Dates on Externally Shared Custom Roadmaps

We are sharing roadmaps externally and only want to display quarters of when work will be completed while still maintaining the roadmap view. We need a way to ensure when hovering over an initiative bar that internal dates do NOT show. This is cri...
Blake Falanga 6 days ago in Presentations 0