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Updates to Lock on Comments

What is the challenge? I have Comments locked to stickies that are in a table, when a new column is added to the table or when sizing changes on items on the whiteboard the comments lock in their place instead of with the item they are attached to...
Summer Jackson about 2 months ago in Whiteboards 0 Shipped

Select the Ideas Portal for the current workspace when creating an idea from a whiteboard

What is the challenge? Currently, I have to select the right workspace to create an idea from the current workspace (let's call it #1). The default workspace for creating an idea is now set to the customer-facing Ideas Portal on another workspace ...
Ian Babelon about 2 months ago in Whiteboards 0 Shipped

Enable connectors to be placed over images without needing to connect.

What is the challenge? I am making comments on certain elements of a screenshot for a user interface. I need to simply place an arrow over an image to point out specifically what the comment is related to. Connectors only connect to objects. What ...
Guest 2 months ago in Whiteboards 0 Shipped

Add report to an existing whiteboard as an image

What is the challenge? What is the impact? Describe your idea When a user adds a report to a whiteboard as an image, currently it is always added to a new personal whiteboard. We should give them the same option that exists when adding a report to...
Peter Whisenant 3 months ago in Whiteboards 1 Shipped

Whiteboard Bug - Trying to make row shorter makes it a lot longer

Who would benefit? whiteboard users What impact would it make? How should it work? Shrink or don't make it longer Or show which field is restricting from making it shorter. video example attached
Guest 5 months ago in Whiteboards 0 Shipped

Improved indication of converted workitems in Whiteboard

Who would benefit? Whiteboard users What impact would it make? time saving, improved UX How should it work? When converting a note in Whiteboard to a workitem (Epic, Feature, Idea, etc), I want it to change its appearance to be the same as importe...
Mats Hultgren 5 months ago in Whiteboards 2 Shipped

Give guests the ability to comment

If I want to share a note with a guest to seek their feedback, but I don't want them to be able to change the actual content in the note, there is currently no way to do this. It would be great to have a comment setting for guests to view/add comm...
Jessica McFall 10 months ago in Notes / Whiteboards 0 Shipped

Opportunity canvas template for whiteboards

Opportunity canvas by Jeff Patton woiuld be really useful and is available in Miro. I use this heavily to help shape and define an opportunity.
Dean P 11 months ago in Whiteboards 1 Shipped

Add link to requirements in whiteboards

Currently when you import a feature or epic to a whiteboard a link back to the record is automatically added to the object in the whiteboard, allowing you can quickly reopen the record. It would be great to also have this work for requirements.
Chris Quigley about 1 year ago in Whiteboards 0 Shipped

Org chart template for whiteboards

It would be useful to have a starter template for an org chart in whiteboards
Jeanette Resnikoff about 1 year ago in Whiteboards 0 Shipped