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Enable ability to create autolinking rule for Gitlab/Github

GitLab drops the product prefix, and only supports a single hardcoded URL which means setting up an autolinking rule from Gitlab/Github to Aha! is not possible.
Kristina Gass 5 days ago in Extensions 0 Future consideration

AWS CodeCommit Integration

Similar use case to the GitHub integration Being able to tie the work to code commits and pull requests
DataGuy 6 months ago in Extensions / Integrations 0 Future consideration

Jira integration - pre filter based on tag/field

Often there are items on a roadmap that do not require Engineering work. However when a release is sent to Jira (or over dev system) all the items under that release are also sent. This means that the down stream system can become full of items in...
Ann L 6 months ago in Extensions 0 Future consideration

Edit extensions directly within Aha! Develop

Challenge: At times I just want to tweak a tiny detail for an extension. The common steps to check out the repo for an extension takes a lot of steps. Desired experience: I want to be able to edit the extension directly from Aha! Develop.
Jeremy Wells over 1 year ago in Extensions 0 Future consideration

TestRail extension for Aha! Develop

TestRail is a popular test case management tool. I would like a TestRail extension for Aha! Develop that provides deep integration between Aha! and TestRail.
Jeff Tucker 9 months ago in Extensions 0 Likely to implement

Limit extensions to a set of users / group / team

I would like to be able to limit use of an extension to a set of users. For example, if I have an extension to deploy code to production, I would like to limit it so that only an ops team and team leads can trigger it.
Justin Weiss about 1 year ago in Extensions 0 Future consideration

Make Develop Planning Poker extension work better for video grooming sessions

First, I know that this extension is a good example for you to use for teaching people how to change/develop them, but I strongly recommend adding a few larger numbers to the current list that ends in 8. I think that’s too small for anybody, and t...
Guest 10 months ago in Extensions 0 Future consideration

Add option to add categories in ticket form in zendesk extension

I have created many categories under different workspaces for better tagging but support team add ideas to aha via zendesk and that extension doesn't have dropdown for categories selection. Please add it.
Guest 12 months ago in Extensions 0 Future consideration

Filter & pause webhook invocation logs

It can be tough to focus on replaying the webhook I need with a firehose of other requests coming in. It'd be great to be able to filter down with plaintext matchers and pause the live updates so I can keep replaying the same request as I build/de...
Guest about 1 year ago in Extensions 0 Future consideration

Allow extension settings implemented via react component

Extension settings are such a good place to automatically set up custom fields, extension fields, or perform any other necessary actions for extensions to work properly. Current settings specification is very limited and doesn't allow this kind of...
Guest 8 months ago in Extensions 0 Future consideration