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Collect feedback through in-app surveys

We would like to provide in app polls/surveys for ideas to help prioritize features we work on next. Background: We have a number of shortlisted roadmap items which we have developed business cases for. As one of the inputs to prioritizing these r...
Todd Meyer about 4 years ago in Ideas / In-app feedback 0 Shipped

I would like to be able to create a Whiteboard on an idea

When I am brainstorming or thinking about an idea for future development, I would like to create a Whiteboard that contains all my thoughts and concepts on the idea. Today, the only option is firstly create the Whiteboard and then link the Note as...
Euan Callow 10 months ago in Ideas research 0 Shipped

In-app feedback Polls/voting

A possible use case for in-app feedback is to explore different reactions to A/B tested pages. It would be helpful to be able to capture both qualitative and quantitive feedback on specific aspects of the A/B test with a shared poll on both experi...
Steve Dagless over 3 years ago in In-app feedback 2 Shipped

Poll questions allow an optional comments field

After a portal user chooses an option, an optional comments field should appear directly below it so that you can explain WHY you chose that particular option.
Kelly Sebes about 2 years ago in Polls 0 Shipped

Use link type in equations

What is the challenge? When reporting on linked documents and ideas from the research tab to validate supporting research, the "link type" is not available in equations to perform calculations on linked items. What is the impact? The link type fie...
Jeanette Resnikoff 4 months ago in Ideas research / Reports 0 Shipped

Don't require email on in-app submission widget when using JWT key

Who would benefit? Customers that are using in-app submission widgets with a JWT secret key What impact would it make? It is easier for people to submit an idea. How should it work? The JWT key would pass in the appropriate user email address rend...
Justin Waldorf 8 months ago in In-app feedback 0 Shipped

Add external documents to Research Tab

JTBD: Link relevant external (outside of Aha!) documents to a record in Aha! so that I can keep information organised in one place. Problem: I have many external (outside of Aha!) documents that are used throughout the discovery, design, and imple...
Terence Osmeña 12 months ago in Features / Ideas / Ideas research / Notes 0 Shipped

Polls: Different poll options like text answers, rating scales, multi-select, NPS

Right now the polls do not have much configuration, you can only create multiple choice questions. I want to create a polls that allow users to provide context and additional information. Text Answers Short text or long-form text boxes where users...
David R over 1 year ago in Polls 0 Shipped

Ability to re-order polls

I want to be able to change the order polls appear in on my ideas portal. They are currently ordered by created date and I want to be able to reorder them manually.
Guest almost 2 years ago in Polls 0 Shipped

Polls support linking to other work item types

Love the addition of polls. Please allow us to link polls to other work item types like other ideas and features. This would be invaluable supporting data for why we work on the things we do.
Guest about 2 years ago in Polls 1 Shipped