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Add a Collaborative Framing Template to the Research Whiteboard options

As a product manager, I want a Collaborative Framing template in the whiteboard Research area so that I can more easily work with my team when we are reviewing an epic's needs and considering it for development.
Guest about 2 months ago in Ideas research 0 Likely to implement

Add polls in advance for an empathy session

When preparing for an empathy session, I'd like to be able to create polls to ask the attendees and I'd like to be able to create these ahead of the session. Then, in the session I'd like to be able to select a pre-created poll to ask the audience.
Madeleine Black almost 3 years ago in Empathy sessions 0 Likely to implement

Empathy sessions: option to customize the "Title" in emails

Today, I can edit the "Subject" and "Introduction" of emails that are sent to contacts for an empathy session, which is useful for tailoring the message. It is not currently possible to edit the "Title", which can lead to a confusing message for m...
Dale Potter over 2 years ago in Empathy sessions 1 Likely to implement

Pressing "up" should move the cursor to the cell above within a table

Imagine a table (or use the one below): Top left Top right Bottom left Bottom right In Firefox (and possibly other browsers), using the up arrow in one of the bottom cells, brings the cursor to the beginning of the line of the current cell instead...
Michel Billard over 2 years ago in In-app feedback 0 Likely to implement