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Support Universal Links in iOS

When looking at an email on iOS, if I click on an aha link in the email, I'm taken to the browser to log in to the web version of Aha. I would rather be taken to the item within the Aha app, since it has a much better reading experience than the n...
Guest 6 months ago in Mobile 1 Future consideration

Support IOS shortcuts

IOS shortcuts enable to quickly get thigs done.For example, provide a shortcut to add a new to-do, without having to open the application.
Ori Kanfer 6 months ago in Mobile 0 Future consideration

Support for iPad Pro 11" screen resolution

On the 11" 2018 iPad Pro, the Aha! app is pillar-boxed. It would be nice to be able to take advantage of the full screen size.
Greg Depinay over 1 year ago in Mobile 0 Shipped

Show Dependency Feature Record Links on Mobile App

When feature record links of dependent features are already established in the browser, it would be very helpful to also show those dependency feature record links for the feature on the mobile app.
James D’Amato over 1 year ago in Mobile 1 Already exists

More Features for Dedicated iPad App

As a product manager, I'm often on my feet all day for meetings and it'd be great to have a dedicated iPad app that mimics almost all the features of Aha. The iOS version as it is looks nice, but it's mostly about consuming content within Aha rath...
Charles over 1 year ago in Mobile 0 Future consideration

Calendar picker for Aha! iOS app

Setting a record’s date in the iOS app is tricky because you cannot see the day of the week in the date picker UI. It would be so much easier if I could select a date from the calendar. Without a calendar picker, I’m forced to exit the app, look a...
Nathaniel Collum over 1 year ago in Mobile 0 Future consideration

Push notifications on mobile apps

it would be useful especially to get notified on a new assignment or due date approaching.
Andrew Nelson over 1 year ago in Mobile 0 Future consideration

Be able to promote an idea to a feature in the mobile app

Yes, we can do this in the portal but sometimes when you are on the go and have a few minutes to review ideas, it is good to immediately be able to slot them in as features in future releases.
Guest over 1 year ago in Mobile 0 Future consideration

Opening links on mobile should show the item/view that was linked instead of always showing the "My Work" page

When I click a link to an idea, todo, release, report, etc. on my phone (e.g. a link that someone posted in Slack or MS teams), it automatically opens in the Aha mobile app. However, it doesn't open anything related to the link I clicked - it just...
Tessa Adair over 1 year ago in Mobile 1 Already exists

Add filter for Idea categories in Mobile App

Currently, we are only able to filter ideas by status. It'd be great to add other filters such as category since we share a central Idea Portal as a product with the entire portfolio.
Danny Carvajal almost 2 years ago in Mobile 0 Future consideration