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Find all ideas voted on by someone from a specific email domain

When preparing for a face to face meeting with a customer it's useful to know as much as possible about enhancements they have requested. In order to to that I need a way to find all ideas voted on by someone from the customers email domain. I'v...
Tobias Lehtipalo almost 8 years ago in Search 1 Shipped

Search by Tags

Currently, when I enter a search term it does not appear to search tags that have been applied to features. I'd like to be able to see a list of all features that have the tag I'm searching for. Ideally I'd be able to search at any product level a...
Guest over 8 years ago in Search 0 Shipped

Search field focus

As a user of Aha!, I would like the cursor to jump to the new search field when I click the search icon in the upper, right-hand corner, so that I don't have to click twice each time I want to search for something. Previously, there was just the s...
Tom Beck over 7 years ago in Search 1 Shipped

Aha search should include organizations

When running a global search (/) and entering a phrase, matching orgs should be returned. It should also be possible to use filter by organization as a record type.
Brian Trombley over 3 years ago in Search 0 Shipped

Search for users in assigned user filter

We have quite a few users in our Aha instance and the lack of search capabilities in the assigned user filter makes it a hassle everytime I want to search for all epics or ideas assigned to a particular user.
Tobias Lehtipalo about 8 years ago in Search 0 Shipped

Search personal documents

Use case: I use personal notes to organize my own thoughts. I want to be able to find them quickly in the search modal. Idea: Make it easier to search personal notes and whiteboards in the search modal
Julie Price over 1 year ago in Notes / Search / Whiteboards 0 Shipped