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Add option of "Any Approval" or "All Approvals" for Approval To-Do created manually or via automation with Flexible Workflow

SITUATION: We have set up an automation rule to create an Approval To-Do record under a Feature when a certain condition is met (this is extremely helpful to help users know when an Approval To-Do should be used)After the Approval To-Do record is...
Roger Oliver 4 months ago in To-dos 2 Shipped

Dynamic assignee options when creating a to-do using automation

Using automation to create to-dos is a great way to drive consistency with processes. However currently when setting up an automation rule to create a to-do, you must select specific assignees.It would be great to be able to set the assignee of th...
Austin Merritt 8 months ago in To-dos / Account settings 0 Shipped

Add "assign to me" option when creating a new to-do

Small quality of life improvement for those of us who love to-dos and often assign to ourselves. It would be nice to have an "assign to me" option when you create a new to-do — like the one for creating new features/activities.
Molly Jane Quinn over 1 year ago in To-dos 0 Shipped

Bulk update To-do's (e.g. marking them complete, etc.)

We get assigned many To-do's, and it would be nice if instead of having to click on each To-do and marking them complete, etc., can we be able to multi-select/bulk update more than 1 To-Do and marking them complete, for example?
Kenneth Yan about 2 years ago in To-dos 3 Shipped

Add To-Do Created By as a column and filter in reports

I'd like to understand who is creating to-dos for other team members and it is not a selectable field or filter in reports
Zach Novak over 2 years ago in To-dos 0 Shipped

To Do assignments

Assign to me link in To-dos. When creating a todo add an assignment link like in the feature.
Michelle Baugher over 2 years ago in To-dos 2 Shipped

After adding a new to-do on the My Work screen, it should immediately show in my list

If I add a new To-Do, assigned to myself, via the "+" on the My work screen, it doesn't show up in my list of To-dos until I refresh the screen. It should show up immediately.
Guest over 2 years ago in To-dos 0 Shipped

Show To-dos without due dates below the calendar

If to-dos without due dates were shown below the calendar, they would always be visible and we could drag-n-drop them onto the calendar. That would be awesome!
Tom Beck almost 3 years ago in To-dos 0 Shipped

Address inconsistency in behavior in the My Work screen with To-dos pertaining to the "Assigned to me" vs. the "Completed" tabs

There is currently a mis-match or inconsistency in behavior in the My Work screen with To-dos pertaining to the "Assigned to me" vs. the "Completed" tabs that can result in data gaps where individuals don't have visibility into the complete pictur...
Cristina Rufeisen about 3 years ago in To-dos 0 Shipped

Make sure direct links to to-dos will always load the to-do

If you get an email with a link to complete a ToDo which is almost due or overdue, there are situations where the link will not actually load the ToDo. An example is if you have an overdue ToDo for a Q32017 goal but you happen to have had the go...
Todd Meyer about 3 years ago in To-dos 0 Shipped