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Ability to save Dashboard as PDF

Would like to be able to save dashboard as PDF for viewing outside of Aha
Julie Edwards 3 months ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Be able to pivot more than 999 records. 😢

The nature of pivoting data allows a user to group/summarize large amounts data. Not being able to pivot data in real-time in Aha is requiring us to constantly export data to get numbers every other simple data tool can easily support. I have no i...
Laura Giles 3 months ago in Reports 1 Shipped

Show Chart Legend on Dashboard Panels

On a Dashboard, it would be useful if chart components could optionally display a legend to increase the readability and allow for 'hover-less' consumption of the content.
Joe Buehlmeyer 3 months ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Share dashboards as a webpage

Dashboards provide key metrics across products and projects on a single page. This is useful information for people who are not Aha! users. Please add the ability to share dashboards as a webpage.
Austin Merritt 3 months ago in Reports 3 Shipped

Strategy Report Sorting

The strategy roadmap is great for planning initiatives on the timeline, but the sorting is problematic - particular when I move an item and it re-sorts the report immediately. This makes it difficult to work down from top to bottom when items are...
Mike Howard 4 months ago in Reports 1 Shipped

Remove the need to click "Add" when adding new Basic filter

The new filter picker is a pain in terms of usability, but only because I need to click "Add" then "Save" when adding a new basic filter.I constantly find myself clicking "Save" before "Add" which means I need to go back in and reselect all of the...
Jeffrey Heilbrunn 7 months ago in Reports 0 Shipped

View: Automatically name image (PNG)  to the view  name

Pretty simple here. When generating an image (PNG) for a view, please provide the ability to name the PNG file as the view name. The view type as the file name not helpful. You end up renaming the PNG name anyway.
John Seifert 8 months ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Filtering - if I only have 'Product' workspaces defined in my Aha instance, don't show me filters for business/marketing/it/services/project

Specifically for Features & Master Feature Filters - when the new workspaces were added a couple of weeks ago, a lot of new filters relating to them were added too. The list when from ~20-30 choices to ~80+ choices. Since I don't have thes...
Jill Collins 9 months ago in Reports 2 Shipped

Update Roadmap Tab Default

Currently if you click the Roadmaps Tab, it takes you to the Starter Roadmap - even if you have it unselected in the Navigation. This can be very confusing for users as they've never seen that view before. This action used to default to Overview,...
Robyn Diamond 11 months ago in Reports 2 Shipped

Option to remove clickable links from webpage reports

We are sharing lots of reports with various Aha data across the business to over 350 people. We are doing this by building the reports once and sharing a secure webpage link, which is great as everything remains live. The issue we have is that...
Dan Jeffery about 1 year ago in Reports 1 Shipped