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Add a "time frame is not blank" option for report filtering

Currently, you can filter by each individual time frame, multi-select time frames, or filter by no time frame. I would like to be able to filter by "time frame is not blank" that way there is less maintenance needed each time a new time frame is a...
Hailey Huggins about 1 month ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Reduce decimal places on capacity estimates reports

When adding 'People' to reports containing estimates, the value in the report shows the FTEs to more than 10 decimal places. Whilst accuracy is important, this does not display well in reports. We need a reporting customization option to control t...
Chris Brooks about 2 months ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Enable the "workspace" record type for linked records in reports

Use case: Building a pivot table that shows dependencies (and other details) between records that are in different workspaces. It's possible to report on the workspace of the primary record (i.e. a feature), but not possible to report on the works...
Dale Potter 3 months ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Add progress calculation method in list report to enable portfolio data quality monitoring

In order to monitor data quality within our portfolio, it would be useful to add the calculation method (e.g. enter manually, calculate from child objectives, calculate from releases, etc...) in the columns available in list report. This would be ...
Rudy Hallez 4 months ago in Reports 1 Shipped

Prevent changes to ranking on view-only shared prioritization view

At this time there is no way to prevent users from amending the ranking/priority order on the Prioritization view, even when the report is set to "View only". The work around today is to share the view as a saved webpage rather then sharing within...
Chris Quigley 5 months ago in Reports 1 Shipped

Change report filter "Release settings: Any" to "Release settings: Default"

Please clarify the report filter for Release Settings. "Release settings : Any" actually excludes releases in a parking lot or those that are shipped.
Emily Yankush 5 months ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Need the primary records on the dependency reports to filter with the Dashboard filters

Currently when you add a dependency report to a Dashboard and filter the workspace on the Dashboard the primary records in the dependency report are not filtered. This is a blocker for us in being able to include these dependency reports into our ...
Kim Heuer 6 months ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Add a confirmation modal when clicking on sort on the prioritization view

It is very easy to accidentally click on the sort button on the prioritization view. Please add a confirmation modal so that I as a user can confirm that I would like my records to be reprioritized.
Chrissi Bernardo 7 months ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Support adding custom table fields to roll-up records in reports

I have a report with roll-up goals and initiatives. Currently, I can add any field from these records to the report, except for custom table fields.
Chrissi Bernardo 9 months ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Go to page option in reports (list reports)

Allow user to go to a specific page within a list report vs. the current method of page by page or jumping by 4 pages.
Lance Hook 10 months ago in Reports 1 Shipped