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Use link type in equations

What is the challenge? When reporting on linked documents and ideas from the research tab to validate supporting research, the "link type" is not available in equations to perform calculations on linked items. What is the impact? The link type fie...
Jeanette Resnikoff 13 days ago in Ideas research / Reports 0 Shipped

Reporting/Filtering Based on Changes to a Field

Who would benefit? All users What impact would it make? Faster to consume roadmap by focusing only on changes How should it work? Would like to be able to filter our roadmap to show those records that specific fields have changed in the last N day...
Guest about 2 months ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Product Value Report: Option to not show by segment and by team

Who would benefit? Users who want to use the report in production with leadership and not see in-app adverts What impact would it make? Remove noise from important conversations How should it work? Option to hide unwanted panels
Steve Dagless 2 months ago in Reports 1 Shipped

Sort Added Records and Removed Records in Retrospective Report by date

Who would benefit? Users of retrospective What impact would it make? Organization of data How should it work? Currently these two dialogues appear to sort randomly. Since there is a date tied to the records in each of these areas, it would be nice...
Greg Lyons 4 months ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Group X-Axis by Last Status Changed Month or Year in Charts

Who would benefit? Anyone using charts to track records over time. What impact would it make? This would allow the creation of charts that group records on the x-axis by the month and year their status was last changed. How should it work? This sh...
Justin Paulson 5 months ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Auto-refresh for custom worksheets w/ 200+ dependencies

Who would benefit? Customers using custom worksheets with 200+ dependencies in formulas What impact would it make? If a custom worksheet is modified, the auto-refresh to update records does not take place if there are 200+ dependencies within the ...
Brittany Rhoney 5 months ago in Features / Reports 1 Shipped

Allow easier access to shipped releases in the retro report

I can see only some of my releases in the release drop down, but seems to be little pattern to why they are there (or not).
Jeff Tucker 6 months ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Hide "Epics" panel in release retro when workspace doesn't use epics

My organization does not use Epics in Aha - we use Initiatives as our Epics. Is there a way to hide or remove the "Epics" panel?
Jeff Tucker 6 months ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Show dates for added/removed records in retrospective report

On the records added and removed, it would be great to see the date added and removed
Jeff Tucker 7 months ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Include the description field in reports on Teams

When using the Capacity Planning capabilities I want to create a simple list report showing details of the teams I have created. For some reason the team description field is not available for inclusion in reports. I would like to see this defect ...
Andrew Foster 7 months ago in Reports 0 Shipped