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Group Idea Status by action required / no action required

On the Ideas Overview page, we would like to be able to group the idea statuses by action required / no action required e.g. action required on one side, no action required on the other side.
Julie Edwards 3 days ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Include Created By In Default Idea Submitted Report

Update the report linked to "Submitted" on the Ideas homepage to include a column for "Created By"
Guest 24 days ago in Ideas 1 Future consideration

The new UI of the Aha scorecard is truncating the numbers, can't see more than 4 digit

The current behavior for the entries on the scorecard is that up to 4 digits will be displayed, including any prefixes. the scorecard support entering more digits but the display is not showing them, basically a bug, but was asked to open an Idea.
Vered Yosub 24 days ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Automation - set field to the Same as the Idea Created by user

When adding an automation action to create a to do or approval for a feature, I can choose to set the to do or approval user to be the same as the created by user, however, I cannot do this on an Idea.
Stephen McAdams 30 days ago in Ideas 3 Future consideration

Ability to map custom idea field to scorecard

Would like to add a custom field in ideas that would be available to the end user to choose a value or priority of their idea request. Would then like the ability for that field to be about to flow into a scorecard so that some weight of the idea ...
Guest about 1 month ago in Ideas 0 Already exists

Ability To Mass Communicate

We need the ability to send out mass communications to users, both internal and portal. For example, if we create a note record for our release notes, we need the ability to @mention a group of users that the note has been created and is now avail...
Guest about 1 month ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Automatically include fields on the idea portal form on the idea record layout in Aha!

Fields that are included on the idea portal submission form are important to review as ideas are prioritized. I'd like for these fields to be automatically included on the layout of the idea in Aha! instead of having to manually update that layout...
Erin Ward about 1 month ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Action ideas with approval process and added to epic tasks

We are looking for ways to approve ideas to be worked. Then add it to epics task to be actioned as part of our epics board.
Guest about 1 month ago in Ideas 2 Future consideration

Add ability to bulk edit contacts to assign organization

It's great that we can segment Idea contacts by organization but sometimes not everyone in the organization has the same email domain. So if there was a way to create a contact list report or a way in the contact list itself to bulk edit contacts ...
Andrew C about 1 month ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Poll access in Aha

Can we get the ability to do polling from the Idea board in Aha?
Karla Johnson about 2 months ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration