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Ability to filter on category for Ideas API

For the "List ideas for a product" endpoint, it would be useful to have the ability to filter on categories. Users have this ability within ideas portals, but there doesn't seem to be a way to achieve this in the API.
Kieran Scott 12 months ago in API 0 Future consideration

Allow exporting the schema of a scorecard through the API

When developing tools which use the Aha! REST API, it can be useful to check the schema that scorecards for a specific workspace/product use, in order to visualize this data. Currently, this can only be achieved by directly loading e.g. Ideas and ...
Guest about 1 year ago in API 0 Future consideration

Support timestamps on status change dates in the API

I would like to have timestamps supported in the API for any user action oriented dates (like create dates, updated dates, etc.). Currently the timestamp is not included for the status_changed_on field. I'd like for timestamps to be supported for ...
Erin Ward over 1 year ago in API 0 Future consideration

Integration with Adobe Workfront Fusion

I am interested in your software but I need the following two asks: I need this to have a native integration with Adobe Workfront or at least a RESTAPI with Workfront Fusion and if your software is compliant with SAFe Framework. Thanks.
Guest almost 2 years ago in API 0 Future consideration

Fetch roadmap last updated date through API

In our account we had created Roadmap, I want to fetch last updated date of AHA roadmap through my application.
Guest over 2 years ago in API 0 Future consideration

Api for license/billing related information

It would be great if Aha supports billing/license API for information such as renewal date,paid date, user limit etc, which can be used for cost managing platforms.
Guest over 2 years ago in API 0 Future consideration

REST API indicates if the given field is added to the create and/or view layout

Currently there's no way to determine if the given custom field is display in the create or view layout.
Tomasz Zarna over 2 years ago in API 0 Future consideration

Ability to delete product with REST API

Using the REST API I'm able to delete epics, Features, Ideas and other records, but for some reason this operation is not available for Products. At least it's not documented. Is there an internal/experimental API I could use? Is there any other w...
Tomasz Zarna almost 3 years ago in API 0 Future consideration

Aha and JIRA integration comment

What is the challenge? When linking with Epics in JIRA, if the title of the Epic in JIRA has a "-" in it, the comparison field for the name doesn't show any character before the "-" What is the impact? slight annoyance of having to put the correct...
Guest 6 days ago in API 0 Future consideration

Field change timestamps via API

What is the challenge? We are tracking our PMs for adherence to ideas review but have run into issues being able to discern when they are reviewing items based on the available timestamps What is the impact? The inability to track changes does not...
Jerimiah Rudden 2 months ago in API 0 Future consideration