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Show Roll Up Initiatives in MasterFeature/Feature Card

I would like to be able to show roll up initiatives on the Master Feature and Feature cards. We use the hierarchy: * Initiative Roll Up = Initiative/Project/Program (depending on situation) ** Initiative = Project Epics *** Master Features = ...
Kristian Haglund about 5 years ago in Epic 0 Future consideration

Configure time settings for master features

I would like to be able to select/configure whether the time calculation for a Master Feature is manually or automatically set on product line/product level. Today the default is manual so to get a "live" view based on features each Master feature...
Kristian Haglund about 5 years ago in Epic 0 Already exists

Choose which non-shipped features move with a Master Feature

Currently if you move a Master Feature to another release it will ask you if you want to move all of the non-shipped features. This enhancement request is asking to be able to checkbox select which features you want to move. See example, I would w...
Guest about 5 years ago in Epic 0 Future consideration

Allow Attachments to Cascade to Master Features and Features

There are supporting docs that get attached to initiatives that are useful at every level of the product definition. Instead of re-attaching a document to a Master Feature or a Feature, it would be helpful to allow Initiative Attachments to be "ap...
Guest over 5 years ago in Epic 0 Future consideration

Remove the Master Feature ID from Card View

The first thing you see on the feature when it is tied to a feature on the card view is the id number of the master feature which isn't particularly helpful and takes up a lot of real estate.
Nicole Hardin over 5 years ago in Epic 0 Future consideration

Ability to add Schedule fields to Master Feature Custom Card (Start on / Due on)

We are using the Due On field to indicate external commitment timeframe. We would like to see this information on the Master feature card.
Mike Craft over 5 years ago in Epic 1 Already exists

Bulk Edit "Ideas" promoting to new "Features" and linked to a single "Master Feature"

Currently, it is possible bulk edit a set of ideas and move them to individual "features" on the feature board. However, there is a use case to at the same time, link these features to a single "master feature." I cannot find a way to do this in a...
Guest almost 6 years ago in Epic 0 Unlikely to implement