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Send Task to Trello

Where Aha! helps u in managing the product priorities, Trello helps us in managing each person's priorities. We are using Trello to share individual queues and priorities with the team, and therefore, would like for Aha! tasks to have an option of...
Hiten Mistry over 9 years ago in Trello 1 Will not implement

Provide Integration support for the fields added by the Scaled Power Up in Trello

The Scaled Power up in Trello adds the ability to set Priority, Points and make Epic Associations in Trello. It would be beneficial if these fields could be mapped in the Trello Integration to provide two way updates of these specialized fields.
Guest over 3 years ago in Trello 0 Future consideration

Trello integration set the unit for importing time units.

Currently, if you import time (estimates or progress) as a numeric field from Trello it comes in as minutes... forcing engineers (using Trello) to do estimates or track progress in minutes rather, then a configurable unit... hours, weeks, points e...
Jesse Stein almost 4 years ago in Trello 0 Future consideration

Really would like to see a filter on the Trello integration added.

We've setup Trello integration at a user level, however I get notices for any user adding or modifying work items in Trello. I would really love to only see Trello notices on items I own on the Trello side.
Guest almost 5 years ago in Trello 0 Future consideration

Trello Integration: Static string mapping

Hi, Trello Integration is already cool, we can flexibly map various Trello fields to various Aha fields, and for some fields also specify how particular Trello values map to particular Aha values. However, this still assumes that for every Aha fie...
Guest about 5 years ago in Trello 0 Future consideration

Trello Integration: Specify target release

Hi, Currently, all Trello cards are automatically imported into the current release. That might not be always desirable. It would be helfpul if users could specify the Aha release into which the particular Trello integration would import.
Guest about 5 years ago in Trello 1 Future consideration

Allow Trello tags to persist beyond the initial import

It would be great to allow the Trello/Aha integration to filter Trello tasks based on an assigned task until changed. We have a team that mainly uses Trello to track their groups' work, but some of their projects overlap with our dev team. The PMs...
Patty Dennis-Jones almost 6 years ago in Trello 0 Future consideration

Delete trello card associations less aggressively

When a user is working on a feature in Aha that is linked to a Trello card, if she accidentally changes the release for this feature to the release of a different product (e.g. the Demo Fredwin cycling product), the trello linkage is immediately d...
Angus Davis almost 9 years ago in Trello 0 Unlikely to implement