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Modification to external release date > week

When setting an external release date to week, it would be helpful to view the week as Week of May 31st instead of Week 23. Having to look up which week this aligns with is feedback I've received from my sponsors.
Guest over 1 year ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Force release template phase order on the Gantt view

Release templates are critical to tracking all of the work involved in a successful go-to-market. This includes both Engineering work as well as supporting teams like marketing or operations. In a release template, you can set the order of the pha...
Shawn Zenz almost 2 years ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Add List option for Releases

I know there is a list view for releases under reports. From a navigation perspective, it would be helpful to add a List option to the release navigation on the Aha! UI. Use Case: Product Manager want to bulk edit releases for multiple product...
Guest over 3 years ago in Releases 2 Unlikely to implement

Custom fields from calculation

As a product manager, I want to be able to control the granularity of the external release date without having to specify the date separately from the internal release date. I want to be able to configure a single date field for the ETA and then j...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Ship more Sub Releases at time

Having more than 1500 products it is time consuming to ship Sub releases one by one. It would be very helpful to select all (or at least a number) of them at the same time
Monica Rossi over 5 years ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Highlight selected Feature in "Related" view

Working through a large list of related features to make edits to all features in a Release is very frustrating. I can't easily open them in new tabs, and when the fly-out menu comes out, there is no indication in the list of features which one is...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Add 'Date' in the view at 'Release>Roadmap' gantt level

We are regularly being requested by our clients can we see the dates and assigned too/tasks in the Gantt view via: Releases>Roadmap. Because we can't show the dates (we can show the letter of the day and the week start date), they then ask us t...
Guest over 7 years ago in Releases 2 Already exists

Alexa skill to interact with releases and product strategy

The idea would be to interact with our high level roadmap of releases by asking simple questions to the Amazon Echo like : - Alexa, what is the state of our [Product Name] release [Release Name]? -- The answer could be: There are 5 features [ready...
Jean-Francois Potvin over 5 years ago in Releases 1 Unlikely to implement

Allow filtering by assignees in the releases overview

We manage several products at the same time Each products has several releases. Each member of our compagny is likely to work on several products. In the releases overview, I would like to see the features assigned to a specific user to check if...
Yannick Geffroy over 5 years ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Allow open releases to be grouped together in tabs on the Features board

We use releases for two primary purposes Weekly releases containing the general work that is in progress, meeting planning, etc. Project releases containing a set of features tied to a large project where we need to build a gantt chart Currently, ...
Todd Meyer almost 2 years ago in Releases 0 Future consideration