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Enable "sketch" style in / mockup tool

This is really just for fun, but I personally like the ability to enable the "sketch" style under the editor in Confluence. I use it extensively as it makes the notes a little bit more fun to read. I noticed that the editor in Aha!...
JP Guyon 5 months ago in Mockups 0 Future consideration

Add Legend of color bars to Strategic Roadmap View

See the attached for what I'm asking for. We like the ability to color code the Bars of a Strategic Roadmap, but your occasional user can't remember the color meaning. SUGGESTION: Add a legend to any open white space on the Roadmap Page. I marke...
John Michaels 10 months ago in Mockups 0 Future consideration

Save a mockup shape and a group of shapes

We've created shapes that are specific to our implementation. We'd like to save them to share with the team. And create a group.
Pamela Thomas 10 months ago in Mockups 0 Future consideration

In Mockup it would be useful to link a shape or point in a flow to a User/Job Story

When creating a process or diagram if you could insert a link of requirement number using # reference function in the Edit Link function, which will either take you into the Requirement if clicked or pop up the Requirement Name when you hover. I...
Kelly Jaques 11 months ago in Mockups 1 Future consideration

Ability to Name Mock-Ups

As a user, it can be confusing if I have multiple mock-ups on a field with only a date as the title. I end up clicking into the wrong one many times. I'd like to be able to Name my mock-up files.
Guest over 1 year ago in Mockups 0 Already exists

Create a mockup from Product > Files

I want the ability to create a mockup from the Product > Files page without necessarily having to attach it to a record. Right now, the only way I can create a mockup is if I attach it to a record.
Guest over 1 year ago in Mockups 0 Future consideration

Support zoom in/out for mockups for reviewers

The ability to create mockups within Aha! to illustrate simple flows or concepts it great. However, it can be difficult for reviewers to read some of the information displayed in the mockup in "review" mode because the image gets fitted within the...
JP Guyon over 1 year ago in Mockups 0 Future consideration

Update version and include PlantUML

In the latest version of online, you are able to add Advanced items, such as PlantUML
Guest almost 2 years ago in Mockups 0 Future consideration

Capture feedback directly on PDF files in Aha! Marketing

The new release of adding feedback directly into the Aha! system is AWESOME but as DISAPPOINTING that it is only for JPEG, PNG or GIF. As a marketing team processing all our projects and design documents in Aha, we upload PDFs all day long. It is ...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Mockups 0 Future consideration

Import export of MS visio diagrams into mockup

Process where existing MS Visio drawings can be imported into Mockup. I have a lot of existing visio drawiing that I would like to incorporate into AHA, would be useful to allow everyone to be able to modify these within the project rather tha...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Mockups 3 Future consideration