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Trello - Sync Release name

When we create a feature in Aha! and then send it to Trello, we need some way to query for all cards associated with a given release. Currently there's no easy way without retagging all the cards or manually populating a custom Trello field
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Trello - Sync labels

We want to use labels in Aha to indicate major clients associated with a given feature. When we sync. to Trello, we need that information on our Trello cards.
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Trello cards should contain link back to integrated Aha item

Our product team uses Aha to plan our releases at the Master Feature level. Dev team leaders then "task" these Master Features out as Features and send the Features to Trello, where additional information is added by developers (and where workflo...
Guest 12 months ago in Trello 1 Unlikely to implement

Really would like to see a filter on the Trello integration added.

We've setup Trello integration at a user level, however I get notices for any user adding or modifying work items in Trello. I would really love to only see Trello notices on items I own on the Trello side.
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Enhanced two-way integration with Trello

It would be great if cards created in Trello were automatically added to Aha! If you have a list for new features in Trello, adding a card to that created a feature in Aha without the need to re-upload the entire board.
Daniel Scudds over 3 years ago in Trello 0 Shipped

Do not overwrite/delete an existing Trello description when an Aha Release is sent to Trello

We usually enter detailed descriptions directly in Trello. When we hit "update Trello" in aha for the release, the descriptions in Trello are being deleted. We often resend the Aha Release to Trello to update the Due Dates, however, we don't want ...
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Better error handling when Trello card to move across boards

It is common practice for teams to have multiple Trello Boards. For example, in our organization, we have our "current development" board with Next Up, In Progress, Awaiting Validation, Completed ... and but like any product organization, you do n...
Angus Davis about 5 years ago in Trello 0 Future consideration

Manually link a Feature to a Trello card

As a Trello user, I should be able to manually associate a Feature in with a Card in Trello. Currently there only two ways to make this association: 1. If I do a one-time import of Trello cards into Aha as features 2. If I manually "Send ...
Angus Davis about 5 years ago in Trello 3 Shipped

Send Task to Trello

Where Aha! helps u in managing the product priorities, Trello helps us in managing each person's priorities. We are using Trello to share individual queues and priorities with the team, and therefore, would like for Aha! tasks to have an option o...
Hiten Mistry almost 6 years ago in Trello 1 Will not implement

Trello Integration: Static string mapping

Hi, Trello Integration is already cool, we can flexibly map various Trello fields to various Aha fields, and for some fields also specify how particular Trello values map to particular Aha values. However, this still assumes that for every Aha f...
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