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Capacity planning

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Allow for quarter formatting options just like fiscal year formatting in quarterly capacity planning scenarios

What is the challenge? It's currently possible to configure the quarter start month in capacity scenarios, but you cannot set the year format. The scenario configuration displays the year as whatever the starting year is In this example, I need to...
Nathaniel Collum 2 months ago in Capacity planning 0 Shipped

Removed Team Members Still Visible on Capacity Report

What is the challenge? Removed team members continue to appear on the Capacity Report, which leads to confusion. What is the impact? Describe your idea Steps to Reproduce: Go to the Capacity planning page. Remove a team member from the team. Go to...
Anton Kuzmenko 3 months ago in Capacity planning 1 Shipped

Capacity Planning default time setting applied to integration data

Who would benefit? Anyone using an integration with time based settings What impact would it make? Showing accurate estimates in Aha that match Azure Dev Ops How should it work? The estimate and effort fields in ADO are numeric. Our teams are esti...
Guest 5 months ago in Capacity planning 0 Shipped

Report on capacity team based on record assignee

Who would benefit? When using the capacity report with detailed estimates, you will see a team associated with a record based on the capacity team the assignee of the record is associated with. However, this same association back to capacity team ...
Max Robbins 5 months ago in Capacity planning 0 Shipped

Allow capacity planning scenario estimates to align to fiscal year setting

Who would benefit? Customers using capacity planning for teams whose fiscal year does not align to the calendar year What impact would it make? Today, the capacity report does not properly attribute quarterly estimates when the team's fiscal year ...
Reilly O'Connor 8 months ago in Capacity planning 0 Shipped

Capacity planning unit to support T Shirt Size

Please add an additional unit of "T Shirt Size" to support capacity planning. When planning for a longer time horizon (e.g. annual planning), using story points, people or hours is not sufficient. We estimate initiatives & epics using T Shirt ...
Eve Laren 10 months ago in Capacity planning 1 Shipped

Display the capacity bar on features board > epics tab

These capacity bars disappear when you swap to the "Epics" tab of the features board. Now that we can configure releases to use the epic's estimates, we want to display this bar on the board.
Nathaniel Collum about 1 year ago in Capacity planning 1 Shipped

ability to configure which field will drive the capacity limit line

Today we only have one option - getting the red line compared with the detailed estimate field, but we miss an option of being able to compare with other estimate field like initial estimate. It would be nice if we can have a button option, like c...
Ronit Binshtok almost 2 years ago in Capacity planning 0 Shipped

Show initial estimates instead of detailed estimates in the capacity report

Currently you can set an initial estimate, and later on add a detailed estimate. Since it is usually more accurate, the capacity report will use a detailed estimate, if it is available, to visualize a team's capacity. However, there is a reporting...
Emily Yankush almost 2 years ago in Capacity planning 0 Shipped

Capacity Planning - book soft allocations at the individual resource level

We would like the ability to book soft allocations - team member or unnamed resource has been attached and is tentatively penciled in to work on the project. When there is less certainty about who/time that will be involved in the project it nice ...
Melody Gibson almost 2 years ago in Capacity planning 0 Shipped