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In-app feedback

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Screenshot in browser widget

Allow customers to upload screenshots of what they are looking at when they have feedback. Would also be cool if they could crop it with a selection.
Guest about 3 years ago in In-app feedback 0 Future consideration

Support in-app feedback widget in mobile apps

In-app feedback widgets are great for collecting social feedback from specific pages in web applications. It would be great to also collect feedback from users through any iOS and Android apps we provide them as well. We would like the same abilit...
Shawn Zenz almost 3 years ago in In-app feedback 2 Future consideration

Private in-app feedback widget

This is a need for us in order to get feedback on our product. We are not interested in a shared feedback widget, but interested in individual feedback from every single user. We don't want to 'spam' our users/customers with feedback from other us...
Julie Jensen over 1 year ago in In-app feedback 3 Future consideration

Ability to add screenshots to the In-App Feedback

Would love to be able to display a screenshot\image in the subtitle area of the In-App feedback. Example I was using an in app feedback on a page to highlight a new feature on the page. It would be helpful to be able to show a screenshot of the fe...
Guest about 2 years ago in In-app feedback 0 Future consideration

Ability to manage Ideas portal applications

It would be nice to be able to manage ideas portal applications for the submission widgets.
Andy Shaffer about 2 years ago in Ideas portal / In-app feedback 0 Future consideration

Add ability to paste screen captures into the Support form

It'd be extremely useful if the Support form would let me paste screen captures into it rather than need to create a file from my screen capture, save it, and then upload it.
Sharon D over 2 years ago in In-app feedback 0 Future consideration

Widget that does not require mouse click to expand

No description provided
Guest over 2 years ago in In-app feedback 1 Future consideration

Conditional parameters for viewing feedback in the in-app widget

For b2b web applications, it would be useful to have the capability to filter what feedback a user can see based on a defined parameter associated with the user. As a SaaS application, I only want users in the same organization to be able to see f...
Ronnie Merkel almost 3 years ago in In-app feedback 0 Future consideration

Pressing "up" should move the cursor to the cell above within a table

Imagine a table (or use the one below): Top left Top right Bottom left Bottom right In Firefox (and possibly other browsers), using the up arrow in one of the bottom cells, brings the cursor to the beginning of the line of the current cell instead...
Michel Billard almost 3 years ago in In-app feedback 0 Likely to implement