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Release Phases represented as multi-day events on the Calendar Report

I can only find a way to see Release Phase Start Dates or End Dates in the Calendar Reports view. I'd like to see the entire multi-day length of the phase represented in the calendar view.
Guest almost 2 years ago in Calendar 2 Future consideration

Show week numbers in Calendar/Gantt

For industrial products, timelines are usually in weeks (i.e.: 21w5) using Year/Week Number
Guest almost 2 years ago in Calendar 0 Future consideration

Include Approvals in "To-Do" Calendar

Currently, showing a Calendar report of To-Dos does not include Approvals. It would be helpful to show both in the same report.
Guest over 2 years ago in Calendar 2 Future consideration

One-click option to view a release as a calendar report

Over the past couple months Aha! has added some fantastic one-click report options throughout the app. You can click More options in a custom table to see it as a pre-built list report You can click Manage integrations next to the Integrations pag...
Erik Johnson about 3 years ago in Calendar 0 Future consideration

Add "Show parent record" to the to-do calendar report card customization modal

On a to-do calendar report I can't customize the to-do card layout to Show parent record but I really want to. Seems like that visualization would always benefit from that context.
Erik Johnson 11 months ago in Calendar 0 Future consideration

Make it possible to connect to-do's with activities in calendar view

I find it very helpful to keep track of my to-do's in the calendar view but when I want to add a new to-do there is no way of connecting it to an already existing activity. In order to do so, I need to go back to Initiatives which is a hassle. I w...
Guest over 3 years ago in Calendar / To-dos 1 Future consideration

The right hand side schedule filter should persist through reload.

Currently, the schedule filter present above your unscheduled work resets itself every time the page is refreshed. That causes extra work if there are parking lots or other schedules that you do not wish to ever display -- eg long term prioritize...
Guest over 4 years ago in Calendar 0 Future consideration

Important dates for the calendar view

My team is trying to become more deadline oriented and having the option to view our feature requests with their due dates AND our sprint schedule in the calendar view would be super helpful. Right now our sprint schedule lives in excel and person...
Guest 9 months ago in Calendar 0 Future consideration

release calendar - configure which date builds the calendar

Today the release calendar is built on due dates, but we would like to be able to use different dates to build out our calendars. For example, we track dates for code complete, early access programs, and market launch. It would be great to build a...
Veronica Melin 11 months ago in Calendar 0 Future consideration

Sync Calendar (Google, Outlook, etc) into Aha

There should be a way to add Holidays, Out of Offices, etc for teams especially international ones in the Aha Calendar view.
Guest about 1 year ago in Calendar 0 Future consideration