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New mobile app installations are not possible anymore in recent android versions

Who would benefit? Android users that have never installed the mobile app and have recent Android versions. What impact would it make? The users would be able to install the mobile app on their devices. How should it work? The users should be able...
Nico Arias-Gonzalez 9 months ago in Mobile 0 Shipped

Support for iPad Pro 11" screen resolution

On the 11" 2018 iPad Pro, the Aha! app is pillar-boxed. It would be nice to be able to take advantage of the full screen size.
Guest about 5 years ago in Mobile 0 Shipped

Aha! mobile app for Android

I noticed you recently launched a mobile app for iPhone. I am an Android user and would like to be able to access Aha! through an Android app.
Austin Merritt almost 6 years ago in Mobile 4 Shipped

Mobile app for published notebooks (iOS, Android, native...)

Hello, I was wondering, for the shared notbook. Is there any plan to make it responsive? when I see in my cell phone it not responsive and quite difficult to read. Otherwise, is there any phone application to easy the process of reading the roadma...
Chris Waters almost 9 years ago in Mobile / Presentations 4 Shipped
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Aha iOS App

Mobility is key to making a tool universally accepted in the workflow of a team. Look at the popularity of Slack as a result of the user experience of using the product across multiple platforms/devices. It would be great to have the core team fun...
Adam Thomas almost 9 years ago in Mobile 80 Shipped