"Permit Button Text" to apply to permit name on skinned MyRIngGo sites

One thing that may prove very useful is this:

For RingGo Permits, the Permit Button Text ("Main" tab of permit config for a particular permit), for example http://insight-preprod.ctt.co.uk/permittypeconfig/?action=edit&opid=67&typeid=ESU) - the Permit Text Button field is right at the bottom of the "Main" tab:  if the name we set here also applies to the name of the permit on MyRingGo (skinned site) when (once logged in) you click “Apply for other permits” (for example, http://myrgo-preprod.ctt.co.uk/brent/home).

If the permit name on the skinned site took it’s name from the “Permit Button Text” field as described above, then we could re-use permit types rather than creating a multitude of new ones for each new customer.   For example, for Brent, I need to set up these: 

  • Council Only  (ie: council staff)  - could set up as “Staff Essential”
  • NHS Only – could set up as “Essential”
  • Essential User – could set up as “Essential User”

There are already Staff Essential, Essential and Essential User permit types set up for various other clients. However I cannot currently use these though, because even if I renamed the Permit Button Text so that the buttons show correctly on their skinned site, the permits would show up as Staff Essential, Essential and Essential User on the skinned site when clicking “apply for other permits” and would therefore be confusing to the customer as to which permit is which.  So instead I have to create 3 new permit types for Brent. 

The list of permit types in LookupRVPTypes is growing considerably, when many of them could actually be the same permit type, just distinguished correctly by "Permit Button Text" also appearing on skinned site when applying for permits by "Apply for other permits" (so once already logged in, where you no longer view the permit buttons, but only have the "Apply for other permits" link).

  • Jessica Bame
  • Jun 12 2017
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    Austin Merritt commented
    June 12, 2017 15:12

    Hi Jessica, thank you for your idea. This idea was logged in the ideas portal for the Aha! application. It seems like perhaps it was meant for a customer's own ideas portal instead. Your company's Aha! administrator will be able to provide you with the URL for their own ideas portal. Thank you!