Please don't require the selected product dropdown option to be checked (and unremovable) on home screen

Today the product that the product dropdown is set to is automatically selected on the home screen, and you can't un-select that choice. I would like the option to select or unselect any (including having none selected), and i dislike not being able to unselect the one associated with the product dropdown.

The product dropdown is required on some screens (i.e. Product > Notes, Strategy > Initiatives, Release > Details, Feature > Board, Feature > Details) and not really used at all on other screens (i.e. any of the screens that have "saved view" capabilities), so there is a bit of a disconnect on the home screen because it isn't really needed but it's forced into the workflow.



  • Derek Bambach
  • Jul 10 2015
  • Likely to implement
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