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Distribution list for empathy sessions

We have segmented client groups that consist of about 15 client representatives in each group. We have a process where we always review ideas with the members within that group. When scheduling an empathy session, it won't be applicable for us to ...
Mark Eaves almost 2 years ago in Empathy sessions / Ideas research 0 Future consideration

Add more details on empathy session poll responses

It would be great to have more details on the participants who respond to empathy session polls. Right now you can only see the name of the participant who voted by hovering over them. It would be really helpful to be able to report off of these r...
Erin Ward about 2 years ago in Empathy sessions 0 Future consideration

Lock session transcript once session is completed

I want the ability to lock a session transcript once the session is over. It is currently possible to reply to messages and add emojis even after the session is over. This can be a confusing experience for some users - especially unfamiliar Aha! u...
Nathaniel Collum about 2 years ago in Empathy sessions 0 Future consideration

Better participant experience for missed empathy sessions

There could be a better experience for participants who try to join after a session is over. The current experience displays "Thank you for joining us! We deeply appreciate your feedback." It would be great if Aha! could auto-detect that the parti...
Nathaniel Collum about 2 years ago in Empathy sessions 0 Future consideration

Update Empathy Session invitation content

Provide configuration for the email content sent to Empathy Session invitees. We can do some but not all. The default below the dates does not necessarily apply to each situation.
Guest 18 days ago in Empathy sessions 0 Future consideration

When I reply to a comment in an Empathy session, the person who wrote the initial comment should be notified.

I created and Empathy session. However, when I replied to comments within the Empathy session, nobody was notified. Therefore, unless they scrolled back through the comments, they would never know.
Guest 30 days ago in Empathy sessions 0 Future consideration

Private in-app feedback widget

This is a need for us in order to get feedback on our product. We are not interested in a shared feedback widget, but interested in individual feedback from every single user. We don't want to 'spam' our users/customers with feedback from other us...
Julie Jensen 8 months ago in In-app feedback 1 Future consideration

Polls can have a comment thread like ideas

It would be great if you can have a discussion on each poll, just like you can on an idea.
Kelly Sebes 8 months ago in Polls 0 Future consideration

Allow for easier adding of contacts when not adding from an idea

I wanted to invite a group of customers I work with on a project to an empathy session. Inviting them one at a time is a tedious process. Would like to be able to paste a list of email addresses into the invite list.
Guest over 1 year ago in Empathy sessions 0 Future consideration

Add ability to paste screen captures into the Support form

It'd be extremely useful if the Support form would let me paste screen captures into it rather than need to create a file from my screen capture, save it, and then upload it.
Sharon D over 1 year ago in In-app feedback 0 Future consideration