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Embed videos and images in an Empathy Session

Who would benefit? product managers and customers providing feedback What impact would it make? Allow PM's to explain answers to questions for empathy session participants or record demo videos for design feedback with additional context. How shou...
Guest 9 months ago in Empathy sessions 0 Future consideration

Provide option to select from Aha! users to invite to an empathy session

Who would benefit? Teams who are looking to use empathy sessions for internal collaboration where the majority of invitees are Aha! users What impact would it make? Would allow product teams to facilitate internal collaboration and feedback sessio...
Erin Ward 9 months ago in Empathy sessions 0 Future consideration

Research Tab: Bulk associate Ideas

Who would benefit? Everyone What impact would it make? Accelerating the use of Ideas as an input to Initiatives to form scope for Features for product managers, analysts, UX, and engineering. How should it work? In the Bulk Edit menu and in the Li...
Guest 9 months ago in Ideas research 0 Future consideration

Show average rating for "Star rating" poll questions

Who would benefit? Product Managers What impact would it make? Aggregates poll responses into a single representative value Provides a simple way to share poll results internally Allows setting targets/goals when gathering feedback on new launches...
Jeff Tucker 10 months ago in Polls 0 Future consideration

Have a Library of Stock Images/Icons in Aha for Poll Thumbnails

Who would benefit? Very busy Product Professionals What impact would it make? It would allow us to quickly spin up a professional looking image as a thumbnail for our polls without having to do extra research or potentially using an image with cop...
Jackie B 10 months ago in Polls 0 Future consideration

@mention during Empathy sessions

During Empathy sessions, we should be able to @ mention any person who attended or signed up, regardless if they are in attendance
Daniel Lynch 11 months ago in Empathy sessions 0 Future consideration

Highlight question during an empathy session

Similar to how a Poll is boxed to highlight it a Question should be boxed or highlighted so that it is obvious and replies to that question sit under so people are encouraged to reply to a specific question that those running the session want to g...
Daniel Lynch 11 months ago in Empathy sessions 0 Future consideration

Allow sending emails for polls to all users

It would be much easier for Product teams to send out polls and receive larger participation if there was a simple option to send poll email notification to all users on an account. Sending emails to interested users by Ideas is great, but its gen...
Guest 11 months ago in Polls 1 Future consideration

Allow polls to show in app without clicking on the thumbs up /down button

We tried using the polls widget but did not get much engagement with the thumbs up/down button. It would be helpful if the poll showed on screen without having to take that action so that we can get more engagement with all users.
Debra Hunter 12 months ago in Polls 0 Future consideration

Show ideas from requirements on the research tab

If an idea is promoted to a req within a feature, it doesn't show up on the research tab on the feature. I think it would make sense to bubble up these ideas for visibility on the research tab. Not sure if it also makes sense to do the same thing ...
Todd Meyer about 1 year ago in Ideas / Ideas research 0 Future consideration