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Poll questions allow an optional comments field

After a portal user chooses an option, an optional comments field should appear directly below it so that you can explain WHY you chose that particular option.
Kelly Sebes about 2 years ago in Polls 0 Shipped

Polls support linking to other work item types

Love the addition of polls. Please allow us to link polls to other work item types like other ideas and features. This would be invaluable supporting data for why we work on the things we do.
Guest about 2 years ago in Polls 1 Shipped

Empathy - Delete a Contact from the Contact list

I would like to be able to delete a contact from the list that i have not send the invite to. I created a standard list of contact and then confirmed with my sales team. In some cases they wanted to remove the contact from the list which i was una...
Naill Mclean about 3 years ago in Empathy sessions 3 Shipped

In-app feedback Polls/voting

A possible use case for in-app feedback is to explore different reactions to A/B tested pages. It would be helpful to be able to capture both qualitative and quantitive feedback on specific aspects of the A/B test with a shared poll on both experi...
Steve Dagless over 3 years ago in In-app feedback 2 Shipped

Allow me to position the feedback widget anywhere in my application

I would like to configure the feedback widget to appear next to a specific element (or elements) in my application. This will help me ask for feedback about a specific item on a page. We would also need to customize the size and shape of the tab/b...
Kelly Sebes over 3 years ago in In-app feedback 0 Shipped

Collect feedback through in-app surveys

We would like to provide in app polls/surveys for ideas to help prioritize features we work on next. Background: We have a number of shortlisted roadmap items which we have developed business cases for. As one of the inputs to prioritizing these r...
Todd Meyer about 4 years ago in Ideas / In-app feedback 0 Shipped