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Extend Life of Shared Link for Notebooks

Shared Links for Notebooks are expiring too quickly. Users that have received a shared link should have access to the notes min 60 days. Notebooks are used in our organizaiton to track meetings, action items and tasks and participants need to refe...
Laura Ellefsen about 1 year ago in Notes 3 Already exists

Ability to export documents (PRD)

Working on a product requirements document and need to share with a broader audience outside Aha!
Guest about 1 year ago in Notes 1 Already exists

Support for keyboard shortcuts in Notes

Formatting notes (on macos) is painful since there are no support for keyboard shortcuts to apply styles like heading 1, heading 2, etc. It would make the experience a lot more enjoyable and in line with what is standard in many tools.
JP Guyon over 1 year ago in Notes 0 Already exists

When exporting , allow for the option to export Notes fields as HTML

Currently the export function strips formatting from Notes fields, so in case where we want to adjust offline (e.g., amend data) and import back, we lose all formatting. It would be great if we are able to maintain the formatting on export so we c...
Karla Johnson over 2 years ago in Notes 1 Already exists

Create a report with all implemented ideas including admin comments

I sometimes want to share a list of all the ideas we've last implemented since we talked to a particular customer. I often use a report created in Aha as a starting point, since it's very easy to list all ideas with status implemented. We even hav...
Tobias Lehtipalo over 2 years ago in Notes 3 Already exists

Can't unnest notes after they have been nested

No intuitive way to unnest a note after it has been nested into a folder. Picking up the note and taking it out of the folder does not appear to work.
Lauren Dierking over 2 years ago in Notes 1 Already exists

Add "Undo" button into the HTML editor

When trying to adjust line spacing in an HTML form, tables often get deleted when trying to just delete a line space. There is currently no "undo" button. The only way of restoring the deletion is to view the history and copy/paste it back in.
Julie Edwards about 5 years ago in Notes 0 Already exists

Make it easier to add folders to organise Product Notes

It seems virtually impossible to create a Folder structure to organise Product Notes. Maybe an add folder button? When I try to drag one Product note so that its visible as a sub note to a higher level topic it does not seem to work - only a flat ...
Dennis Kirton about 5 years ago in Notes 0 Already exists

Ability to search Notes

I have added quite a lot of information to my Notes pages within my Product and would like users to be able to search for keywords to find the applicable notes.
Julie Edwards about 6 years ago in Notes 3 Already exists