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Display duration in reports

It would be helpful if reports->timeline could display the duration of a feature or release. i.e. this release is 8 weeks. (Just the end date-start date). Helps in planning.
Guest almost 9 years ago in Reports 0 Unlikely to implement

The ability to add information on the person that created an idea to a story

As a user working on story in Jira (development execution app), I want to see who submitted an idea, so I can contact them when we need additional information. Today when an idea is converted to a story, the created by field is replaced with the a...
Guest almost 9 years ago in Features 0 Unlikely to implement

Select phase names from another release

When adding a phase to a release, I need to type the name each time. Instead, I should be able to select phases from a pre-existing list (for instance, from another release).
Tom Andries almost 9 years ago in  1 Already exists

Make Notes URLs more intuitive (or allow to customize display)

Like the Notes feature and using it to capture a bunch of stuff, including meeting minutes. Often end up putting a link to these in an email. However the link names are not that intuitive (i.e. N-1). Would be great if they used the note title or i...
Guest almost 9 years ago in Application 1 Unlikely to implement

Ability to build reports around ideas without requiring they be promoted to features

We have been wanting this feature for some time. We leverage intakes across our entire organization allowing numerous people to put in new ideas to our Product teams. We then use these idea lists to vet them out and bubble up to our executives for...
Guest almost 9 years ago in Reports 3 Already exists

Field dropdown in Features/Ideas instantly reappears when you select a choice - please stop this

As I am adjusting 100's of new Ideas and Features for the first time from Trello, I notice that when I make a selection in any field of the Feature or Idea, it does not go away, but instantly the drop down reappears. This is really aggravating as ...
Guest almost 9 years ago in  1 Already exists

sort by feature status on board view

would be nice to be able to sort features when looking at board view. for example, i would to see them all, but only see in progress ones at the top or something like that.
Guest almost 9 years ago in  1 Already exists

Remove animations from popup dialogs

The time for a popup dialog to animate onto the page is surprisingly slow. And when you are editing many records, contributes to making that process longer for no valid reason. Delivering the content in realtime is always the best option - keep it...
Guest almost 9 years ago in Features 1 Already exists

put a release in the parking at release creation

When creating a launch, you are required to enter a due date. Please add the ability to put a launch in the parking lot from that creation window, rather than having to go an set it as a separate step.
Max Cascone almost 9 years ago in Releases 2 Already exists

move release (launch) to another product

Our Aha work was put in by someone who didn't really understand the tool, and some launches are not associated to the right products. It seems the only way to move these launches is to create a new launch in the right product, and manually move an...
Max Cascone almost 9 years ago in Releases 3 Already exists