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Ability to show each initiative as a card on Feature Board view with hierarchy of features cards

When treating Epics as Initiatives and Stories as Features, I'd like to use the Feature Board view (like this view because you can see individual feature cards by release and drag/drop between releases). Currently, this view only shows cards for F...
Brandon Fleisher about 8 years ago in Features 1 Unlikely to implement

Ideas 2x2 chart: Scorecard with multiple metrics summed to make up x and y axis

I have begun using the idea chart in AHA to map the value/effort of our ideas but I had wanted to take it a little further and have a number of criteria in our score card which added up to a total value figure, which may then be displayed as one a...
Chris Waters almost 9 years ago in  7 Unlikely to implement

Archiving Initiatives (not by Timeframe)

The ability to archive Initiatives shouldn't be based on the timeframe value but status. Timeframe can be leveraged by multiple resources, long in range, or not accurately updated. The status reflects a "done" state and is a better indicator if ...
Guest over 5 years ago in Strategy 3 Unlikely to implement

Have a Release Workflow Custom Status trigger the Send to JIRA action

In the end I just want to be able to manage the Send to JIRA trigger action via either my Features Workflow or my Releases Workflow. Send to Dev to me equates to send to JIRA. I will want to make sure my status is updated throughout, so I will alw...
Guest about 9 years ago in Releases 2 Unlikely to implement

Adding To Dos to a Notebook

The Idea detail via includes my list of To Dos for that idea I am working on. When I add the Idea Detail to a notebook it does not publish the to do list. My idea is to allow for to dos to be added to a not book by feature, release or idea.
Joe Ross over 8 years ago in Presentations 2 Unlikely to implement

Support an integration with BetterWorks to sync goals, success metrics and initiatives

As a company adopting a next generation performance management system anchored in the concept of Objectives and Key Results I would like to synchronize Aha goals, success metrics and initiatives with BetterWorks ( Note: both B...
Guest almost 8 years ago in Integrations 0 Unlikely to implement

Accept multiple external authentication endpoints for SSO in the ideas portal so customers can be secured via MFA

We have managed to setup SSO for internal staff members, but it's currently not possible to accept multi federal. What we need is either a SSO for Microsoft account or multi federated so our customers can seamlessly login with microsoft SSO.
Clare Bonsall almost 3 years ago in Ideas portal 4 Unlikely to implement

Add ability to reference 'Created by email domain' in worksheet fields for ideas

It would be helpful to include the 'Created by email domain' in worksheet equations so that we could evaluate if an idea was created by an internal or external domain.
Kristina Gass over 1 year ago in Ideas 0 Unlikely to implement

Offline working

Probably technically a nightmare but it would be amazing if I could work offline and sync updates when I get back online (as I become more dependent on AHA - those moments in the middle of nowhere on a train or on planes etc are where I want to be...
Andy Darrant almost 9 years ago in Application 4 Unlikely to implement

Ability to roll up Initiatives to multiple parent initiatives

We need to be able to roll up initiatives to multiple products. Right now, when you link to a product or product line, you are only allowed one link. Based on how we need to roll up and generate reports, there was no workaround that would do the t...
Chris Waters almost 9 years ago in  4 Unlikely to implement