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Create competitive pricing tier for low-access users

Picture this. You're paying Aha $1800 per year for Enterprise+ because that's the tier you need. 100 people work at your company, and they have been using Zoho Projects @ $60 per year per person. You are not not not going to convince this company ...
Debbie Levitt about 3 years ago in Features 0 Will not implement

Expose User Documentation through the UI

Currently Documentation in the UI points at API documentation. Embedding user documentation in the UI makes more sense!
Guest over 3 years ago in Ideas 1 Will not implement

Rack Extensions

Required for 0118516 - SSEET - BP BPI Scrum Team Service Front and back of rack, with device depth Freestanding devices on Rack trays https://cienabp.aha...
Guest over 3 years ago in Ideas 1 Will not implement

I want the previous design back - no more "surprises" over night.

Stop messing around with the user interface - I really do not like having to learn a new UserInterface every couple of days. Especially this time where your update introduced yet another set of features that slowed me down. In short, the new UI su...
Thomas H almost 4 years ago in  1 Will not implement

Need option to search by Asset ID or Asset Name in MyAsset application

When we are setting up Repair owner in the application, presently option is to select equipment ids from the drop down list. Their we would need option to search & select an equipment id via Asset ID or Asset name. Or provide a link from Equip...
Guest about 4 years ago in  0 Will not implement

Rename the "button" name in Engineer login of MyAsset application

When an incident is assigned to an engineer, they are expected to accept that incident. To accept the button field name populates as "Take". Request is to rename the filed to "Accept"
Guest about 4 years ago in  0 Will not implement

Report filter - date type required format as YYYY-MM-DD instead of yyyy-MM-dd in the help text.

Currently we can configure the required format for the date field as per the Customer need. But the help text cannot be configured and this is required as Customer is specific about the Date formats.
Guest over 4 years ago in Application 2 Will not implement

Add a warning upon submit when processing an order on staging

I continue to get SD tickets from insides sales reporting that their customers have entered web orders and cannot find them now. It always turns out that the orders were entered via the staging website instead of produciton.
Guest almost 5 years ago in  0 Will not implement

Mandatory Checkbox option (for T&C )

There should be checkbox option (for T&C )that should appear during sign up/form submission/voting/commenting. A user should not be allowed to proceed further or action on the portal without clicking on the checkbox thereby agreeing to T&C...
aamli agarwal almost 5 years ago in Ideas portal 1 Will not implement

Change the name "Aha!"

In my entreprise, when I have to talk about "Aha!" to CEO/CIO/CTO, the product is not taken seriously because: - it is a challenger product - the name does not makes a good first impression (does not give a feeling of being serious and reliable)...
Guest about 5 years ago in Application 0 Will not implement