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Fix the issue with roll-up releases on the feature roadmap

When I'm using the features roadmap, the filter setting for auto-updating to include all releases in a workspace doesn't work if any of the releases in that workspace roll up to a release in a product line above the workspace. Instead, I have to m...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Reports / Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Add Visual Effort Indicator to Features on Starter Roadmap

Our business stakeholders, rightfully so, need to understand the level of effort involved in the various items on our roadmaps. At the most basic level, this equates to showing them the number of developers involved in a given item (epic/feature),...
Guest over 3 years ago in Capacity planning / Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Use record colours in custom roadmaps

We can use Customize Style to change the colours of bars in Custom Roadmaps, but this requires us to individually set the colour for each item. This is painful when you have multiple roadmap reports and are trying to keep things consistent. In my ...
Ryan Bishop almost 2 years ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Horizontal Roadmap View

Overview roadmap in the form of a digestible one pager. Roadmap should read left to right, or at least in a horizontal form. Current function of roadmaps include a vertical top down view which depending on how many items, can only be viewed using ...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Tube Map: Roadmap Visualisation

We use tube maps to communicate to senior leaders the complexity and amount of work ongoing within our department. The visualisation looks like a London Underground map and we create them using the Miro template at
Guest almost 2 years ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Add custom timescales for business specific roadmaps

We use a custom timescale to communicate to our business stakeholders when a particular feature or initiative willl land. We would like to show that custom timescale on a roadmap.
Andrew Brooks over 3 years ago in Roadmaps 3 Future consideration

Add epic, feature, release semester

You can include an 'Epic quarter', 'Feature Quarter' or 'Release Quarter' in list reports and roadmaps that Aha! calculates from the release date of the release. However our client facing roadmaps are produced by semester, it would be great to hav...
Nicolas Andrillon almost 2 years ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Link from Ideas Roadmap to Ideas Portal

WHen my users have sent an idea into the AHA ideas portal, and I have promoted it into an EPIC, the user would like to be able to see, in what release/EPIC within the AHA roadmap the idea is going to be shipped. It could be convenient to have a li...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration

Sort releases by date in Roadmaps

Releases, when displayed on Roadmaps, should sort by release date, not alphabetically
David Strathy-Miller almost 2 years ago in Roadmaps 3 Already exists

Add Initiative Roll Up Grouping to Strategy Roadmap

When aligning planning for a product line with the top level strategy and initiatives, it would be helpful if I could group by the rollup initiative in the strategy roadmap view. This would allow me to click and drag child initiatives to align wit...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Roadmaps 0 Future consideration