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Aha Needs to Utilize JIRA API Token Based Authentication, Not Basic HTTP, for the JIRA Integration

There are security vulnerabilities associated with Basic HTTP. JIRA offers a Token based authentication with their API. This needs to be utilized for a more secure integration. Setting this idea as "need it yesterday" because of security concerns ...
Tom McCormick almost 7 years ago in Jira 2 Shipped

Release Roadmap Start On & Due On not working well with JIRA

We're using custom fields "Start Date" and "Planned Done Date" on our JIRA epics extensively, and we sync JIRA epics with Aha features. And we've added "Start Date" and "Planned Done Date" as custom fields in Aha features. When we use the Releases...
Brian Carr over 7 years ago in Jira 1 Shipped

Append Aha! feature ID to Rally feature description or other field

No description provided
Guest almost 8 years ago in Rally 0 Shipped

Using Link to JIRA feature to 'import' Epics with Stories into Aha!

In our rollout we are looking at EPIC to Feature mapping from JIRA to Aha. When we link a feature in Aha! to an EPIC in JIRA the stories do not come across as requirements - we would expect them to do this!
Andrew Tipton over 8 years ago in Features / Integrations 1 Shipped

Force Status field to be in sync with Jira

The recommendation of keeping Status as a one way sync from Jira makes Aha! reports silently unreliable, as Aha! and Jira status will diverge if somebody touches a record "by mistake". If I set it to two-way sync, transitions not allowed by Jira m...
Daniel Hirschberg over 4 years ago in Jira 1 Shipped

Use the JIRA URL field to show the JIRA link

I have JIRA linked with Aha! and can see the JIRA Id and key - which is great. But I would love to have the URL link available in my list report as well. It looks like there is a field JIRA URL, but it is blank. What is it used for?
Guest almost 5 years ago in Jira 4 Shipped

Support certificate-based authentication

My company, as well as many others, does not want to open ports in the firewall to connect to Jira. We use EAA as our protection in front of our on-prem Jira. Aha! supports OAuth to Jira, which is ok but we still need cert-auth in front of that to...
Guest about 5 years ago in Jira 0 Shipped

Add more detailed error logging for Azure/TFS

No description provided
Guest about 5 years ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server 0 Shipped

Add integration from Aha field to Preliminary Estimate field in Rally

I would like to fill out a T-shirt size estimate in Aha, and when I send to the Rally integration I'd like it to populate in the Preliminary Estimate field. Currently I do not have that ability in my integration mappings.
Guest over 6 years ago in Rally 0 Shipped

Auto-field mapping for Jira Integration

I have created a custom field in Aha which maps directly a field in Jira. I have created a pre-defined choice list in Aha! which contains all possible values in Aha!. When creating the integration between Jira and Aha! I have to manually match eac...
Matt Gunnell over 6 years ago in Jira 0 Shipped