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Map Jira's "Won't Fix" resolution status to Aha!s "Won't implement" status

When the Jira workflow is set up to "Close" a ticket with the resolution status of "won't fix," there currently is now way to map that against the Aha workflow. It would be great to also access the Resolution status from Jira to handle this case.
Guest over 8 years ago in Jira 17 Shipped

Enhance two-way sync with Rally to support Rally -> Aha!

Features are created in Aha! and then pushed to Rally. User Stories (US) are created in Rally and associated to the Features. These associated User Stories should be synced back to Aha! and associated with their respective Features as Requirements
Guest about 8 years ago in Rally 15 Shipped

One-time import of Confluence pages

Use case: I want to move my Confluence pages into Aha! so I can manage all my work in one tool Idea: Add a method to import my Confluence pages as documents in Aha!
Julie Price about 1 year ago in Integrations / Notes 0 Shipped

Map a release in Aha! to a milestone in Rally

No description provided
Deirdre Clarke over 7 years ago in Rally 21 Shipped

Ability to map standard fields in Aha to custom fields in JIRA

It would be really useful if I could map standard fields in Aha to custom fields in JIRA. For example... - Assigned User to Product Owner - Aha Score to Business Value These are fields that we use in JIRA that we are having to manually type in aga...
Guest over 9 years ago in Jira 10 Shipped

Support the "links to" field mapping with next-gen templates in Jira

My team really likes the simplicity of the "Agility" templates in Jira, sometimes called "next-gen" templates. Through the Jira integrations, we are able to sync almost everything that we need, except for the relationships using the "Linked to" f...
Guest almost 6 years ago in Jira 12 Shipped

Allow features to be linked to existing Rally User Stories

If we already have User Stories in Rally that are duplicates of features in Aha! we want to be able to manually create a link between them.
Scott Goldblatt about 8 years ago in Rally 10 Shipped

Integrations 2.0: List view bulk edit Send to for integrations 2.0

Integration 1.0 integrations have the List view option for bulk editing Send to ----. The integrations available to send to do not include 2.0 integrations. 2.0 integrations should be supported for bulk sending operations just like 1.0 integrations.
Danny Archer over 6 years ago in Integrations 6 Shipped

Improve visibility of integrations update modal

When users set up an integration and select "auto import records", they are not immediately aware that some records will not just automatically import into Aha! (i.e. those that don't have a parent record that is sync'd). These users are not able ...
Madeleine Black almost 2 years ago in Jira 0 Shipped

Allow to sync tags into VSTS

It should be possible to sync the tags into Visual Studio Team-Services.
Dirk Eisenberg about 8 years ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server 6 Shipped