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Integration with Microsoft Teams

Our organization is moving from Slack and into using Microsoft Teams. We would like to have our Aha! activity feed integration be compatible with Teams.
Jon Kremer over 7 years ago in Integrations 20 Shipped

Show opportunity name from Salesforce on the idea in Aha!

The Ideas in Aha which have been linked to an Opportunity show this link in a nice little table on the Idea itself. However, the column for the Opportunity name only shows the word "Opportunity", not the actual opportunity name itself. This is ann...
Guest over 7 years ago in Salesforce 2 Shipped

Github issues to get link back to the Aha feature

It would be great to have the Github issue get a link back to the Aha feature. Quite often our developers need to reference documentation added to the Aha feature, but they don't have a good way of navigating from the Github issue back to the corr...
David Bean over 7 years ago in GitHub 0 Shipped

Sync Assigned To field with VSTS

It would be great if the assigned to field could be synchronised between VSTS and Aha features and User Stories.
Guest over 7 years ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server 0 Shipped

Aha to VSTS Integration Template

We would like to have the ability to create a template for Aha to VSTS Integration that can be shared with all products. This template would include the mapping requirements outlined, and allow that to be shared as a standard for all products. Ide...
Guest over 7 years ago in Integrations 0 Shipped

Filter ideas by customer from Salesforce

I need a report in Aha! that would allow me to filter by “Salesforce account_name”. I can add data from the Salesforce integration (such as account name) as a column but not as a filter.
Matt Vlasach almost 8 years ago in Salesforce 4 Shipped

VSTS integration includes Acceptance Criteria

For successful product management and development, User Stories and Acceptance Criteria are key. We want our Product Owners defining not only the user story (requirement) but also the associated acceptance criteria within Aha!. This information wo...
Guest almost 8 years ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server 3 Shipped

Two Way Jira Sync for Initiative/ Epic custom fields

As far as I am aware you can only map feature custom fields, and I'd like to be able to maintain due dates, team and other custom fields at the Initiative level.
Guest almost 8 years ago in Jira 1 Shipped

Support Integration Templates with GitHub

I recently noticed that the Rally integration capability included a way to save that configuration as a template. We leverage GitHub and would like to save configuration templates as well. There will be a number of products to link to repositories...
Guest almost 8 years ago in Integrations 0 Shipped
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Support aggregating Features into Sprints - and pushing into JIRA as a SPRINT

We need to be able to manage our Features, grouping them into SPRINTS and then pushing the sprint and features into JIRA as a complete set, ie. creating the SPRINT and associated JIRA Tickets. Because the support for SPRINTS doesn't exist in Aha, ...
Cynthia Countouris almost 8 years ago in Jira 17 Shipped