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Making the found-ideas text editable

The idea portal of Aha! can be customized in a lot of ways, including the terminology for most standard terms. When a new idea is being added, there is a functionality that searches for similar ideas - and this text does not adjust, even though th...
Guest over 3 years ago in Ideas portal 1 Shipped

Users to see their own idea regardless of visibility setting

We have configured our ideas so that when an idea is submitted, it is not published in the Ideas Portal until it has been reviewed (and idea status changed). However this is confusing users as they want to be able to see their own ideas immediatel...
Julie Edwards over 3 years ago in Ideas portal 2 Shipped

Additional documentation around removing an Idea Portal Custom Domain

While there is documentation on adding a new Custom Domain for an Ideas Portal, there is no information on how to actually remove one once it has been created.
Lori Anderson over 3 years ago in Branding 0 Shipped

Count unique email voter domains

Hi, It would be useful to have a field that counted the unique email voter domains on an idea so I can quickly see when block voting is skewing popularity. I can achieve this via a customer report today, but I can't sort by it which means I need t...
Martin Feeney almost 4 years ago in Voting 2 Shipped

Include proxy vote details on primary idea after merge

The number of votes, indicating interest, is one of the important inputs when evaluating idea priorities. Currently, when an idea is merged, their votes and subscribers are merged to the primary - assuming duplicates avoided if there is a limit of...
Karie Kelly almost 4 years ago in Voting 1 Shipped

Need a consolidated customer view

with proxy voting now enabled and inability to enforce proxy voting, we're having to maintain separate customer data fields. Looking for an easy way for PMs and AMs to run account based reports that provide a holistic customer view. Today I'm usin...
Laura Giles almost 4 years ago in Reports / Voting 0 Shipped

Proxy Voting: Need option to configure to allow other portal users to see proxy votes

Multiple user types (support, sales, presales, acct managers, etc) have ability to vote on behalf of a customer however today the proxy vote information is retained only under the user that made the request which means no other support users , etc...
Laura Giles almost 4 years ago in Voting 9 Shipped

Unique vote count field added to the Admin View of the Idea

This would be very useful for PMs and the Community Manager to quickly determine "unique" votes. We have a 25 unique vote threshold for Ideas to meet to be put Under PM Review. Currently, the “votes” field lists all votes. Is there a way we could ...
Ginger Alford almost 4 years ago in Ideas portal 10 Shipped

Disable public comments for internal employees

We have 2 idea portals that are connected, but one is external (only available to customers) and the other one internal (available for internal employees and they can see the ideas shared on the external portal). I would like to have the option to...
Guest about 4 years ago in Ideas portal 1 Shipped

Add upvote by organization in idea submission form

Our ideas portal is private, and primarily used by customer-facing stakeholders including sales and support. Since an idea does include a vote because it in itself is an idea and therefore has to be requested or "voted" on by someone or some org i...
Guest about 4 years ago in Voting 4 Shipped