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Add user feedback survey

Need to be able to conduct this for different releases, and would very much help to close the loop on our prod development... think standard user satisfaction questions with 1-5 possible answers along with a general comment question. It would make...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Shipped

Set Idea visibility to both creator and internal users

Currently Idea visibility can be either only creator OR only internal users (none and all are not relevant for my case). I would need option where Idea is visible to creator AND internal users
Mario Kusnjer about 3 years ago in Ideas portal 4 Shipped

Allow for workspace Alias on Idea Portals

Currently, the idea portals display the name of a workspace as is, but we have portals that include over 70 workspaces. These workspaces have natural groupings like family of Line of Business (LOB), and in order to make the search for the workspac...
Karla Johnson about 3 years ago in Ideas portal 2 Shipped

Support Visio file attachments to Idea Portal

Visio is used often to diagram flows, so it would be helpful to allow those as attachments for new ideas submitted.
Mousa Mitwasi about 3 years ago in Ideas portal 1 Shipped

Display the Admin comment instead of making me view it in the Ideas Portal

I should not have to view the admin message in the ideas portal. I should be able to see the comment I just entered. This was recently changed and is very inconvenient
Guest about 3 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Shipped

Consolidate Status Filter

When a portal has multiple workspaces that share the same status lists or lists that include the a status that is named the same, the Status filter will list each options for each workspace. What should happen is that the Status options in the fil...
Chris Eichermüller over 3 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Shipped

To exclude votes from a specified domain from reports

We allow internal and external users to vote on ideas, but we are often interested in seeing just those ideas with external votes on. There is a filter on voter domain but by using the existing filter of 'none' and selecting the domains we want to...
Sophie Ramsden over 3 years ago in Voting 2 Shipped

Improve scrolling and use of space in dynamic forms

Dynamic forms are awesome for creating a workflow based on our customers responses. It would be great if you could improve the use of space during the layout creating and editing. With very long forms, we find it can be very slow to drag existing ...
Shawn Zenz over 3 years ago in Ideas portal 1 Shipped

Idea portal automations that can post Admin responses

After using the ideas portals for some time, we have found that ideas fit into general buckets. As part of this, there are certain requests that are outside the scope of our portal. As such, it would be incredibly helpful to be able to create an a...
Dan Green over 3 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Shipped

Making the found-ideas text editable

The idea portal of Aha! can be customized in a lot of ways, including the terminology for most standard terms. When a new idea is being added, there is a functionality that searches for similar ideas - and this text does not adjust, even though th...
Guest over 3 years ago in Ideas portal 1 Shipped