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Using predefined tags fields in a report calculated field

The ability to use a predefined tag field in a calculated column. For example, if null or if it contains X. You can currently do that via filters however, then your report would exclude records.
Guest over 2 years ago in Reports 4 Future consideration

I would like to be able to report on how long an initiative/release/feature has been sitting/aging in a status

Showing how long an Aha object has aged in each workflow status in a report will help us identify bottlenecks. For example, if we are having issues with our architects adding t-shirt sizing to our Aha Initiative or Feature, we could clearly see it...
Wen-Wen Lin over 3 years ago in Reports 3 Future consideration

Reduce duplicate Rows in Reports: Aggregate/merge related data in a cell (in a pivot report or hierarchy report)

Overview - Reports contain multiple rows with instances of the Primary Record Type as soon as you add a column from a "Related Object" that has multiple values, making it hard to visually consume the data. Problem - In List Reports we see the va...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Reports 1 Future consideration

Filter on JIRA ID / JIRA Key attribute in Reports

The JIRA ID and JIRA Key are reportable attributes within Aha! but they currently cannot be filtered in the reports. Sometimes where a JIRA ID or Key are known, it would be useful to filter/search Aha! to find this information.
Guest over 4 years ago in Reports 6 Future consideration

User can view progress report "burndown chart" on a sub release timeline instead of the roll-up release date so the team can verify the progress for the month instead of quarter.

Assume each quarter is a roll-up release, for each roll-up there are multiple monthly sub release say month1-month3. As a user, I want to see the burndown chart for the sprint on a monthly basis so that I can correctly determine any over scoped ep...
Sampson Wong 12 months ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Add multiple delivery schedules for saved views

I have a report that is to be delivered to two audiences at separate points during the week. Right now I can only schedule one email rule. I would like the ability to set up multiple deliveries for one view.
Nerissa Muijs about 2 months ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Email Reports

In JIRA you have the ability to email reports which was really beneficial for our leadership team for quick reference of key data without logging into the system. Would love the ability to auto-send reports & notebooks to people via email.
Guest about 4 years ago in Reports 6 Future consideration

Make the Organisation view shareable

Being able to share a view like the one attached would be great for our externally facing teams that represent the customer when submitting new ideas. This would provide them with useful information to be able to help manage customer expectations.
Dan Jeffery 3 months ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Allow dashboard read only users to easily open the report behind the panel

When we create dashboards we set them as read only to avoid any unintended changes being made to them however the dashboards are designed to be used by users to trigger action, so they need to be able to easily get to the filter behind the panel. ...
Eamonn Corrigan about 1 year ago in Reports 1 Future consideration

Adjustable column widths in hierarchy reports

Within a hierarchy report, allow adjustment of each column width that is used for both display on the screen and when exporting to either a graphic or pdf. Some columns have much more data to display than others, and allowing changes to the widths...
Ryan Bradley 3 months ago in Reports 0 Future consideration