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Select all option in select when scheduling report to be sent regularly per email

Hi Ahars, I encounter very annoyingly not having the option to select all users in the dropdown attached to this thread. We are a big organization with many Reviewers and would like to send reports via email.
Guest about 1 month ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Ability to show 2 types of records in one column (master feature and feature records) but in different cells/rows in a Pivot report when the records are not linked.

In our configuration, we have either Epics(Features) or Master features linked to a Goal. In a pivot report, we want to show all Epics and Master Features linked to the Goal in one column. For the report, the primary record is the Goal and Epic...
kanak l about 3 years ago in Reports 8 Future consideration

Country field with flags that can aid visuals in reporting

Hello world, I am using custom report to visualize gantty roadmap of features. For those features, I am showing fields: t-shirt size, name, status, MDs estimate, MDs spent, Country. In case there are multiple countries selected for a particular fe...
Daniel Pokrývka 4 months ago in Reports 3 Future consideration

Additional user analytics

We'd like the ability to review, report out on, and analyze Aha! user /workspace specific analytics. This would allow us to bring our usage of Aha! to the next level as we could identify: Which teams are excelling -- ie: using all of the intended ...
Shannon Sauvé 8 months ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Expose Watchers field for reporting

In the organisation we are deploying Aha for, there are over 100 products. Features are built across the products. Programme managers use initiatives to track the delivery of a master feature. If a feature is associated a master feature, or an ini...
Project Parker over 4 years ago in Reports 4 Future consideration

Support "NULL" checks for calculated columns

When you are using calculated columns, and want to check if a 'value type' field such as a date is null, there isn't a clean way of comparing the value to null. For example: If a date is blank, return "Not set", else return the date formatted as a...
Guest about 3 years ago in Reports 2 Future consideration

Report to show original planned release and current release or actual release

It would be great to see the Release a certain feature was marked for and when it was released later. This would be helpful to see how many features are moving or slipping original planned releases and help figure out why thats happening I think y...
Guest over 5 years ago in Reports 5 Future consideration

Ability to adjust report element hierarchy

In pivot and/or list reports, I often have the original report correct but then need to adjust what is the master record and/or how the elements are related. I also have had this issue with custom roadmaps. Right now, I have to take snapshots of t...
Cheryl Hatos about 1 year ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Column Headers for Dependency Report

After adding additional columns to the Dependency report (example: feature due date, feature status), it would be helpful to be able to see the column headers. Without the column header, its not clear if a date is a feature due date or start date.
Guest over 3 years ago in Reports 3 Future consideration

Case insensitive text comparison function required on calculated fields

Currently when using calculated columns or worksheets, there is no way to do a case insensitive comparison. As a result, I need to create an if function with various permutation of cases in order to achieve my objective which is inefficient and di...
Madeleine Black about 1 month ago in Reports 0 Future consideration