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Ability to move report to a different workspace

What is the challenge? I have created a number of reports in a workspace that I want to move to a product-line for visibility. People get a little antsy when a report lives in their workspace but it is used elsewhere. What is the impact? Feels dis...
Stephanie Sullivan 3 months ago in Reports 0 Already exists

Add indicator to reports when a "Default view" is being viewed

Who would benefit? Users utilizing "Default views" in their workspaces for multiple reports. What impact would it make? When clicking between different variants of similar views such as lists/pivots/charts, or pulling up many different reports in ...
Maria Plotkina 6 months ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Ability to set a default color palette to use in reports

Companies, including ours, often define a color palette that aligns with their branding. It would be useful to be able to define such palettes in AHA for chart reports. Using the new chart builder, I can change the default colors to those used by ...
Greg Horlacher almost 3 years ago in Reports 2 Future consideration

Allow for changing column width of Custom Table views

When custom tables are viewed, the column widths is defaulted by the system and doesn't allow for customization. For better usability, it would be great if we can change the display width of the columns
Karla Johnson about 3 years ago in Reports 1 Future consideration

Fit Dashboard Chart labels to the length of the label better

Who would benefit? Everyone who uses charts on their dashboards. What impact would it make? The dashboard that you're presenting to management would look much better! How should it work? When adding the Show Legend option to a chart widget on a da...
Guest 6 months ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Reports specific "notes" column

Like calculated columns, I want to be able to add a column to capture information or a note that is report-specific. The content of this column does not need to be included on the actual record layout of the item in the report. Ideally, this field...
Bonnie Trei 12 months ago in Reports 1 Future consideration

Add views to Aha! records

It's possible to Add Aha! view to notes. We need the ability to embed views into records. We are often referencing work (in lists and pivots) within our records but we have to manually type it out.
Nathaniel Collum 12 months ago in Features / Reports 1 Future consideration

Save custom colors when changing themes on a pivot table

When you create a pivot table you have the ability to choose custom cell colors via the "customize style" screen. If you customize these colors and then change the theme, the colors will reset to the theme default. It would be better if the custom...
Finn Meyer over 1 year ago in Reports 2 Future consideration

Ability to define capacity for a assignee in Capacity Report

Hi, I had a look at the capacity report and I think it has good potential. In order to make it useable for us, we would need to be able to define the standard weekly capacity per assignee, as well as exceptions such as leave, holidays etc. ...
Guest over 4 years ago in Reports 4 Future consideration

Add a Legend to the Gantt Chart

Adding a legend to the Gantt Chart would help people viewing the chart to understand what the color of each bar means, especially if they are seeing it for the the first time. Currently if you make a custom roadmap and put it in a presentation a l...
Kyle Cleveland almost 3 years ago in Reports 0 Future consideration