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Ability to reflect more levels of rollup in pivot reports and custom roadmaps

Currently you can visualize a feature, it's initiative, and the rollup initiative in a pivot or custom roadmap. For companies with more levels of hierarchy this limits what they are able to reflect in reporting. While the hierarchy report allows t...
Bonnie Trei about 5 years ago in Reports 8 Shipped

Prevent changes to ranking on view-only shared prioritization view

At this time there is no way to prevent users from amending the ranking/priority order on the Prioritization view, even when the report is set to "View only". The work around today is to share the view as a saved webpage rather then sharing within...
Chris Quigley about 1 year ago in Reports 1 Shipped

Reporting/Filtering Based on Changes to a Field

Who would benefit? All users What impact would it make? Faster to consume roadmap by focusing only on changes How should it work? Would like to be able to filter our roadmap to show those records that specific fields have changed in the last N day...
Guest 5 months ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Support "select all" and "auto-update" for key ideas filters

We want to be able to share an ideas list with our stakeholders. We like that we can share a webpage with filters. But in order to enable these filters we need to select each value. Some filters in Aha! have a "Select all" and "auto-update" capabi...
Nathaniel Collum over 2 years ago in Reports 3 Shipped

When a custom table field is used in a key result, cannot report on the key result's custom table

What is the challenge? I am using a custom table on key results to report on quarterly updates to the key result. When I go to build a report, the custom table does not show as a record related to my key result record. What is the impact? Limits p...
Max Robbins 3 months ago in Reports / Strategy 0 Shipped

Ability to sort calculated cells within a pivot table

At the moment the only way we can get to the data set we need to see is by creating a calculation column in a list view and then swithcing to a pivot view to be able to sum the values required. The pivot view produces the data that we want to be a...
Dan Jeffery over 1 year ago in Reports 3 Shipped

Extract roll-up initiative information from different level

We have organized our Aha! products as follow: Product Line Sub-Product Line Products Products At the “Products” level, we create features which are either tied to an initiative at: The “Products” level The “Sub-Product Line” level Each ...
Guest over 5 years ago in Reports 7 Shipped

Enable the "workspace" record type for linked records in reports

Use case: Building a pivot table that shows dependencies (and other details) between records that are in different workspaces. It's possible to report on the workspace of the primary record (i.e. a feature), but not possible to report on the works...
Dale Potter about 1 year ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Allow for Fiscal Year date formats to be customized to read FY16 Q1 vs 2015/16 Q1

No description provided
Guest almost 9 years ago in Account settings / Reports 9 Shipped

Allow any user to create a folder

Would it be possible to allow contributors to add new folders to contain reports they create? This will help reduce some of the admin work by the product owners.
Marina Reyna almost 6 years ago in Reports 5 Shipped