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Add Master Release filtering to the Release Roadmap Report

We use the Release Roadmap to schedule as a Gantt chart to schedule and create dependencies between features. Since a release can contain a lot of features, we bundle related tasks into Master Releases. We would like to be able to filter by Master...
Christian Rodriguez over 6 years ago in Reports 0 Already exists

Admin should see all reports

Admins need to be able to see and edit all reports. All too often, someone may leave or not available and a report needs to be updated; however, because the original owner restricted it to be view only, we end up creating another report in order t...
Karie Kelly about 2 years ago in Reports 0 Already exists

Add the ability to reorder items on a chart

We use charts to show the allocation of features to different products or other data. The items on our charts are always listed based on alphabetical order. We would like to reorder the list to group items appropriately.
Guest over 6 years ago in Reports 2 Already exists

Concatenate Fields in Reporting

It will be very helpful to concatenate the fields in pivot tables so that we can see multiple fields in one column. Example : Initiative name and Description in one column delimited by a '|'
Sasi Ravichandar over 4 years ago in Reports 2 Already exists

"Select All Current and Future Releases" within many views in Aha! (including roadmap timeline)

I love that I can save views, however, in the roadmap when save a view with all of the current releases selected, then add a new release, that new release is not reflected in the saved view - I must go back and manually edit the saved views as new...
Guest about 9 years ago in Reports 2 Already exists

Enable Chart Reports to be shared as webpage

I would like to embed charts into confluence for our enterprise planning strategy. As I try to turn on the toggle, it immediately switches back to grey.
Guest over 2 years ago in Reports 1 Already exists

Allow users with view access to a report to Save As

Users with view access to reports can not make changes to filters and then save as. So for example if they only want to see initiatives assigned to them they have to set the filter each time or recreate the report from scratch.
Eric Cannady over 2 years ago in Reports 1 Already exists

Increase report flexibility through "Record links" inclusion

The record links capability is very powerful in which it allows expression of complex links between objects at different levels (e.g. linking one feature to multiple initiatives). However, the fact that we cannot use those links in reporting deepl...
Guest almost 5 years ago in Reports 0 Already exists

Ability to export report lists via the API

As an organisation I would like to automatically extract data from report list into a reporting data lake So that I can create complex reports easily with other data in my organisation.
Wayne Allan over 7 years ago in Reports 1 Already exists

Allow pivot and chart reports to be sorted by values

While I can sort by values in a list report, I am not able to do so in a pivot report like I can in Excel. I want to develop a clean report that groups ideas past due for a review by user. To do so, I need to develop custom calculations off of ide...
Danielle A over 2 years ago in Reports 5 Already exists